Oxydol Detergent

i_dig_itJuly 8, 2010

I recently noticed Oxydol powder detergent in Dollar General and was wondering if anyone here has given it a try lately?

I remember Oxydol from years ago when it was a P&G product, but now it is owned by a different company and I suppose the formula is different too.

I don't remember all the ingredients on the box, but they were something like surfactants, enzymes, sodium carbonate and other cleaning agents, or something to that effect.

The box claims it is for use in conventional as well as HE machines and is supposed to keep clothes smelling fresh longer. I just don't want something that is strongly fragranced, like Gain, yuck!

They have a website, but I could not find much information about the ingredients, but you can print out a $1 coupon!

So if anyone has tried this new Oxydol please give me your thoughts.


Here is a link that might be useful: Oxydol Detergent

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I just bought a box of it the last time I needed detergent. The old Oxydol was a fav of my mother's. It smells to me just like it used to and the aroma was fairly noticeable in the machine, but the dried laundry did not have much of an aroma at all. Cleaned like gangbusters. I'd buy it again.

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I was so happy to see the powder on the shelf. It works great and smells clean. The scent I remember from my childhood. Not overpowering at all. I didn't have to use any additives at all. I will definately be using oxydol as my main detergent.

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