Furnace will kill you

StigwortNovember 9, 2012

Is what I am being told here true: http://www.diychatroom.com/f17/filter-not-encased-inserted-into-furnace-162663/#post1047969

re "It's illegal to have return air from the same room with a 80% furnace because it can cause the flue gas to down draft and kill you."

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It is true that it is dangerous to have a return in the same room where flue gas is present.

I am looking at the picture you posted as I type this response. I rotated the picture 90 degrees to try to understand your installation. It looks to me the filter is sticking out of the return duct work and is right above the chimney flue. Any flue gas leakage will be sucked through the filter and into the return. This is not a good installation in my opinion.

I would ask the installer to seal the return where the filter is now and move the location away from the flue. It looks like you can install a filter in the return on the left towards the bottom. See if you can get a 5 inch media cabinet with a door you can close tightly.

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