Detergent Confused, HE Top Loader

andryakymJuly 26, 2011

I have an HE Top Loader. Yesterday I went out and picked up some Cheer Free and Clear. I wasn't paying a lot of attention because I swore it was HE when I left, but it was just the Ultra 2xx Liquid.

I've read I can use it, then that I can't and I honestly do not get the difference between Ultra and HE detergent.

Can I still use it? It is so hard to find HE Free and Clear detergent. I have Tide Ultra Free and Gentle Powder on the Shelf and ended up not using it because it wasn't HE safe

Just to be clear, All Free and Clear gives me rashes. I tried it but I itch every time I use it.

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Ultra usually refers to a concentrated version (less water than before so smaller package/more loads).

HE stands for "high efficiency" and is what you should use in a high efficiency washing machine.

If you are confused, I suggest you read the attached (or at the very least skim it over).

Just a little excerpt:

"The Role of Traditional Laundry Detergents
Detergents are star performers on laundry day. Their primary task is to remove soils and stains, but they do much more than that. Detergents are designed to freshen, remove odors, and brighten fabrics as they clean.

Another key detergent function is to hold soils, and any dyes from colored fabrics, suspended in the wash water. This keeps soils and dyes from being re-deposited back onto the cleaned laundry.

Traditional detergents are formulated to accomplish these tasks in high water volumes in traditional agitator washers."

"It's common sense, really: because of the low-water wash and rinse cycles in HE washers, HE detergents must work differently from traditional laundry detergents in order to be effective.

As a result of extensive research, HE detergents are formulated to be low-sudsing and quick-dispersing to get the best cleaning performance with HE washers.

- Excess suds can cause problems in HE washers by "cushioning" - or even preventing - the tumbling action. This can impact proper cleaning.

- HE detergents are also formulated to hold soils and dyes in suspension in low water volumes, so they don�t re-deposit onto cleaned laundry."

For more indepth explanations, read the attached.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: High Efficiecy washers & detergents

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The "HE" symbol can be very small on a lot of detergent packaging. The ALL Free & Clear is "he" safe, if you need a F&C formula.

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There are more and more options for HE washers available now. Tide offers a few for HE in Free.

I also use the Greenworks free and clear and really like it. It does not contain optical brighteners which can iritate sensitive skin.

Cheer makes a free & gentle HE.

Method makes HE in free & clear.

Seventh Generation makes several free & clear laundry items.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tide Free HE

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I have used non HE detergents in both my front loader and now in My HE top loader. Just be carefull on dosing to avoid excess suds. Its not like your machine with fall to pieces if you use it LOL.Next time around, get the HE stuff :)

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I have an HE toploader (Maytag Bravos), though I don't use any Free and Clear detergent. I do only use detergents with the HE symbol.

Some detergents, like the ones sold at Sears (IIRC, they have a 'free and clear' formula), can be used in a regular or HE washer. I believe the HE symbol is on the containers.

I've used their powder detergent, with good results. I do not use any powder detergent in cold water, only very warm or hot, so it can dissolve completely.

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Ive been lucky, I have used powdered detergent in my wave force and had no issues in cold water, and it is 50 degrees in the winter if i choose the "cold wash cycle" This cycle is not ATC so it is tap cold, so far, clean clothes and no clumps

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To be clear, I haven't seen any residue from powdered detergent when washing in cold or cool water. I only quit using it with those temps when I read warnings here. It does seem logical that warm or hot water would dissolve powdered detergent better.

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