Method Smartclean and Vaska Herbatergent

stbonnerJuly 24, 2010

I just wanted to say that I have recently tried both of these detergents and really like both of them. I have been a long time Charlie's Soap user, but recently stopped using it due to the fact that my whites had gotten very dingy and I was having lots of trouble with stains that weren't coming out in the wash. I went from Charlie's to Tide and Cheer and my laundry got noticeably cleaner and whiter, but I felt a little bad about using so many chemicals to get my laundry clean.

Anyway, I've been very happy with both the Method and the Vaska detergents. I have used the Method on some very dirty laundry and it's done a great job of cleaning. It also has a nice, clean scent (I used the Peony version) that I liked. The clothes came out very soft and bright with this detergent.

I've been using the Vaska for a shorter period of time, so haven't yet run a really dirty load with it. (I probably will do that tomorrow, as my husband is out playing on his tractor today.) However, for my everyday laundry I've been very pleased at the cleanliness and softness of my clothes after washing with Vaska. The smell is heavenly, although not much lingers after washing - just enough to give you a tiny whiff. My clothes are very, very soft after being washed in this detergent. I have done whites with the Vaska and they looked very bright and very white after washing.

Just a heads up for those of you looking for natural detergent alternatives.

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I have both as well and agree they are good.

I actually have all 3 Method varieties (Fresh Air, Peony and Unscented). I find I need to use half scented and half unscented to get a scent that is not too overwhelming for me. I like some fragrance to linger but not too much. I think the Method does a very good job of cleaning.

Method has a new scent available only at Toys R Us in the US now  Sweet Pea. It will be available in August at ShopperÂs Drug Mart in Canada.

I currently LOVE Vaska. I use it for all my towels, sheets and my nice clothes. I have used it for the kids/husband too but I have other detergents that work great for them. I agree that everything washed with it comes out very soft without any fabric softener. I do have their Herbasoft as I thought it would help things smell more like lavender when dried but I donÂt think it adds anymore scent. My items have a faint herbal scent when dried that I really enjoy.

I find a real test of a detergent is if the items smell clean about a week after theyÂre washed. IÂve used other detergents where they smelled "not fresh" after a week. I finally realized that they probably were not clean. I donÂt think these detergents were cleaning fibre deep. So far the Method and Vaska seem to be keeping items smelling fresh.

I have moderate to hard water here so I add a small amount of Borax to every load and I often use oxygen bleach. I have the Vaska oxygen bleach and I use a powder version from BioVert. If you use these products faithfully on whites they donÂt seem to get dingy. These products help deodorize too.

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