On the hunt for the perfect 2nd floor washer/dryer combination...

firefangleJuly 11, 2014

Hi all:
I have read through many posts here and already learned a lot in my search for the best washer dryer for my second floor laundry room. Will be reinforcing the floor and adding rubber mats and will have installer to a load bearing check. Wondering if a pan is necessary (come to think of it my last washer leaked a few times!)

Here are things I want in my washer/dryer combo.
Excellent normal cleaning
Delicate cycle
Relatively short cycle times
Low noise
Low vibration
Really low chance of leaking
No steam cycles
Not stacked

Would appreciate any thoughts, wisdom and insight!


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Second floor washer,

Go with the pan, and consider the leak detection systems discussed in the dishwasher blog area.

Btw, most bad washer leaks I see are in the hose area. Most others are trickles that evolve to worse leaks over time.

Most manufacturers recommend turning off your washer water lines when not in use to avoid any flood risk due to a bad water valve. I would definitely do this in a second floor application, but less likely in a basement with a nearby floor drain. I always shut mine off when I am not around over vacations and weekends.

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Thank you @laundryvet! I've been to two appliances places that both said Electrolux is the only way to go for second floor installations. Wonder if you agree? Thanks again.

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I don't know enough about current offerings from all the current manufacturers to say that one is better than another in a second floor application. Your appliance dealer may make his recommendation based on only one attribute, like noise level during operation. A washer has many attributes that you may value differently than your appliance dealer.

Consider doing research about potential candidates on line comparing some of the following:
Noise pressure during operation
Wash ability
Cycle speed
Cycle options
Efficiency water and heat requirements
Ease of use
Overall size

All the brands seem to have fans on this blog site, and GardenWeb seems to have some very sophisticated bloggers, appliance services by trade or just really good consumers who want to provide feedback on their ownership experience. You will see good and bad reviews for all machines, and be sure to check a few web sites for a good overall picture of customer satisfaction.

Best of luck in your laundry purchase decision.

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Thanks! Great advice. Someone also told me that, when researching, to throw out the best and worst reviews and try to figure out what the consensus is on the model/brand. Thought that was smart.

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I also have a 2nd floor laundry. The plastic pan under our old washing machine didn't last long before the feet of the washer broke through the pan. Which leads me to question the point of actually having a pan under the washer in the first place.

That being said, my 14 year old Kenmore is having issues and I bought a SQ432 top loader today to replace it.

I'll probably buy another plastic pan to put under it, but think it's probably wasted money.

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Thanks, speedlever. Good note about the pan!

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