Your opinion on Maytag Bravos !! ASAP!!

momomomoJuly 5, 2010

I am in love with Maytag bravos WASHER MVWB750W AND GAS DRYER MGDB800VQ OR MGDB850WL (you know the differences for both product?)!!

I need to buy in 2 days, please please please give me your pro and con about this products!! Which feature is amazing, what was your disappointment over this product, vibration, noise, functions and overall satisfaction!! I am so excited, but I am worried which W/D I don't regret. This is my first W/D in mmy life. Thank you!!

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I am also in love with Maytag Bravos! :)

To me, all the features are amazing; I had only had regular washers w/agitators before.

I especially enjoy the huge capacity -- the current models now hold at least 5 cu ft. I can fit a queen- or king-size comforter in my washer with ease, and I can wash several twin-size comforters at once.

I can also wash 2-3 times more laundry in one wash than I could wash in my former washers (all of which were the biggest on the market when I bought them) -- yet the washer uses so much less water and energy, we've seen a sizeable drop in our utility bills!

I like it that when I use the highest spin speed (which I use for almost everything), the laundry is so well-spun-out it dries very quickly (I have the matching dryer -- no steam).

There is no vibration.

There is very little noise.

Did I say I love my Maytag Bravos set?

If you want true hot water (minimum 140 F), I recommend you buy the washer model with #850 in it, instgead of #750 (which is what you listed above). AFAIK, the 850 model is the only one with an internal water heater, which heats the water so it is truly hot.

(This applies to all HE washers on the market today.)

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, let me know.

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Wow, thank you for your feedback!
So all good things, not any disappointment over this bravos TL? I am still thinking about steam function if I frequently use or not. How about performance? I want to know all details!! Thank you so much again!

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The only disappointment I had is that I didn't know in advance that HE washers (and more and more regular washers now) don't give true hot water unless the washer has an internal water heater.

Actually, this wasn't a problem for me until our old hot water heater bit the dust and DH bought a new energy saver. That's when my washer's hot water was suddenly barely warm.

After dealing with that for some time, and enjoying a visit from a friend who was really wanting a Bravos and rarely (if ever) washes with hot water, I finally took the plunge and bought the Bravos washer I mentioned above -- the one with #850 in its model number. (I kept my Bravos dryer and it gets along great with the new washer.)

Neither my washer nor dryer have steam. After lots of research, including at this board, I didn't think I needed it. So far, I can't tell that I do.

I've never had a complaint about performance. I have active kids and a hubby who get really grimy sometimes when working and always when pursuing their favorite hobbies, so I still use Shout on stains. I have always soaked really grimy clothes before washing them and I continue to do so -- another reason I bought Bravos, which has a Soak cycle.

I can tell the true hot water makes a real difference in performance, particularly when washing white towels and laundry like white socks and T-shirts.

I really love it that we can now keep the hot water heater set at 120 F -- which is plenty hot enough for showers -- and still have wonderfully hot water in the washer. My dishwasher, which I've owned and loved for several years, has an internal water heater, and I wanted that same advantage for my washer.

Oh, and my friend wanted my old Bravos and is really loving it! It's a win-win situation. :)

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