What pre spotters - stain spotters do you have in your regimine

chefwongJuly 29, 2013

I have 2. I use Bac-Out that I just spray the collar, etc before it get's thrown in the hamper.

Oxi Clean Spray for spot staining everything else that I might see that I have not *dwelled* with Bac Out that is coming out of the hamper for a wash.

New Baby in Town. Tons of staining here and there.
Doing washes quite often to boot ;-)

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Soil-Love. Works on just about everything, even blood.

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Most of my stains are food, usually greasy stuff. I put a small amount of Dawn dishwashing liquid on the spot - just enough to saturate it. Great for breaking down grease and oil on clothes and wildlife. Not too much or you can get suds. Then I apply some of my regular Method detergent over that and let it sit for a few minutes. It takes out everything I have tried it on.

I love Bac-Out for odors in the garbage can and bathroom but never had very good luck with food stains.

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I agree with the reco on Dawn for greasy food stains. I used Resolve on a t-shirt spot twice and then finally remembered Dawn. A small dab, rub it in and it took the spot out the first time.

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Ecover Stain Remover and Shout Advanced for direct application; Biz for bucket presoak.

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Used to have P&G's spray but couldn't tell much of a difference. A cold fill heated to warm or hot along with powdered detergent does the trick for me. If I feel like soaking something, I'll just add some liquid detergent into a bucket with warm water and let items soak while the first load is washing.


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For grease, Stanley Degreaser is the absolute best.

I like the new Oxi-Clean Stain Stick.

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For sunscreen on golf shirt collars, I have to use Charlies Soap all-purpose cleaner. I think it is the indoor/outdoor formula, and I dilute it to half strength. Sunscreen is nasty stuff.

My poor hubby is allergic to something in "Shout" stain-pre-treat spray. Most likely the perfume is the irritant. The CS does a decent job and hubby has no more rashes on his neck.

I can't say the CS works well on greasy/fat stains, though. I have had a few do-overs in that area. Liquid Persil and even basic 'original' Dawn dishwashing liquid do a good job on those.

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