WHAT? Miele available at Lowe's Canada ...

livebetterJuly 8, 2011

Just got my flyers yesterday and was perusing them last night when what do I see?? A whole page in the Lowe's flyer devoted to Miele. Could not believe it. Wow ...

Now because it's Canada, Lowe's is just the seller. Miele will handle everything themselves after you place your order (delivery, set up, service). I guess Miele is expanding their distribution this way.

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Oh ya, PS: the new dishwashers are here! I guess I'll be getting a new one - yeah!

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Does the price include the pedestals? If not, the washer is awfully expensive, even with the currency conversion to USD.

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Nope - not included. Pedestals cost $349 each Cdn. Miele is expensive here. The price is the same at Lowe's as anywhere else (no price breaks on Miele). It just allows Miele to reach more people being available through Lowes.

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@livebetter - but you get the $100 in coupons, sales, etc. that I do not think we get down here.

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@cavimum - when I bought my pair I got the free upgrade to a 10 year warranty (known in Canada as the Miele Advantage Plus program). The program would have cost $510/machine without the promotion ($1,020 bonus).

It comes with several "perks" including $50/appliance in free Miele Care products.

You can check out the perks here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Forever Care - Canada

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Lowes in the US carries lower end appliances. I'm curious if Miele US will follow suit here.

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Crazy! I hope Lowes in the USA does not carry Miele. I like my Miele to be more a niche, an "in the know" appliance brand!! :) I think Lowes would somehow "cheapen" the brand. It'd be like buying True Religion jeans or a cool Gucci wallet at Sears...it just wouldn't feel the same. I know, I know...so stupid, but that's how it feels to me!

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Miele in North America (along with other high-end brands) has taken a huge hit from both the recession and the collapse of the housing bubble. Expo Design Center crashed, and many of the smaller boutique stores that sold Miele went out of business, which further hurt Miele as there's precious few places selling their stuff. They really have no good choice but to look to mass-market stores. Kind of like how Dacor is now sold at Sears.

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While Canada did have a recession it was nothing compared to the US (mentioning this since we are talking about Miele Canada/Lowes).

It certainly will make ordering a Miele product more convenient for some.

However, when I spend this kind of $$ on something I want to speak with someone who has good knowledge about the brand and the category. I, personally, wouldn't trust that would come from a Lowe's associate.

I'm also not sure Lowe's is the Miele target (although I could be wrong).

I haven't wrapped my head around what I think of this "move" of Miele Canada's. It certainly doesn't help foster the "premium" German brand image they work to achieve.

They definitely need to invest in better store level marketing materials - if they even plan to have actual Miele appliances on the Lowe's floor to look at?? I'll have to venture into a store and check it out.

Time will tell I guess ...

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This is probably nothing more than a maneuver to clear out channel inventory ahead of the IntelliQ series.

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I don't know. They are selling all appliances (not just laundry). Even advertising the new DWs which just launched here.

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Lowes in the US? I would expect them to sell against the Miele machines. Just have a set on the floor probably next to a machine with more bling.

HD Expo had Miele machines, but I don't think they sold very many at all.


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I think it's a great first step for Miele to get into the mainstream market. Miele has been a well kept secret in North America way too Long. People are much more willing to shell out the bucks for something they can put their hands on before purchasing, as oppose to ordering online like many of us had to do. This can only benefit all of us Miele people. Hopefully all goes well in Canada and Lowes USA follows along. Miele could become a serious competitor and a household name in the USA, as it deserves to be. After all, Anything Else Is A Comprise ....

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@mrb627, LOL! Love the phrase "a machine with more bling" ;-)

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I have to agree. Miele needs to step up their game. They seem to have a whatever attitude towards the American marketplace. With a mediocre product in the US, they don't bring much to the table for the average consumer. They certainly could do better.


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All Miele needs to do in order to be "cool" is include internet connectivity as a standard feature, then give us an iPhone app to monitor and program our Mieles remotely, and include a 10 year warranty as standard. I think you would see a big spike in sales.

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