105F warm wash in LG FL - possible?

izeveJuly 6, 2011

I've had an LG front loader with a heater for about 8 or 9 months and am very pleased with its washing ability. However, the one thing that this washer does not offer and I really really would like is a true warm wash. The LG seems to be calibrated to 90F for a warm wash and 120-130F for a hot wash but there isn't anything in between. I have a really long water pipe between the washer and the water heater. Any suggestions on how to play the cycles to get a 100-105F warm wash?

I tried running a hot wash without flushing the pipes - that results in an initial fill at about 100F which is great but then the heater kicks in and continues to heat the wash past 105F.

I am not sure if the heater is activated for warm water cycles but I have observed that a longish warm water wash has an initial fill of about 90F and remains at over 86F throughout the wash portion, so I'm assuming the heater does maintain the temperature for warm washes as well.

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Well, which model do you have? Have you tried adding more wash time or options like Steam?

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I have a simple model WM2301, no steam and no fancy features. I do have a "Stain Cycle" option which adds time to the cycle and engages the heater but it also changes the temperature of the wash from Warm to Hot (so it will heat up to 120-130F).

As I'm writing this, I'm wondering what would happen if I tried a Cold wash with Stain Cycle - got to try that next ;-)

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