Bluing in Bravos MVWB850

sld_sandyJuly 4, 2011

How should I use Bluing in my new Bravos?

Normally, I would add bluing when filling the washer, let it a agitate a little, add the clothes and let them soak. With this new Bravos washer sensing the load and lid locking,I cannot do this...Advise would be greatly appreciated.

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If you are using Mrs. Stewart's, dilute your bluing in 1 quart of water. If you can't add the diluted bluing directly to the wash, fill up one of the detergent dispensers with as much diluted bluing as it will hold. I would also fill up the FS compartment as well. Make sure your bluing is first diluted in 1 QT of water otherwise you run the risk of staining your detergent drawer.

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It seems to me it *might* be best to load the laundry, let the water go into the washer and agitate for a moment or so, then add the bluing (already diluted in a quart of water), let the washer agitate a few minutes, then let the laundry soak as you mentioned.

You can press Pause to unlock the lid lock; I have this washer.

I haven't ever used bluing, in any type washer. This just seems like it might work well.

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Click on the link below and read the comments from others as to what Mrs. Stewart's Bluing does for your laundry. No bleach, just white clothes. My grandmother and mother used this and I just followed their lead. I'm always getting compliments on my white clothes. Now, I just need to figure out how to use it in this new washer. Mara, since you have this washer, I'm going to try as you suggested...Will keep you posted.

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