Already having a problem with our samsung

kodiakbearJuly 7, 2012

So I've washed three loads of laundry and two of them have refused to spin/finish. First load was towels and being new to the machine and to be fair, the initial load was only about 1/3 of the drum when wet. I finally cancelled cycle, reloaded with more towels and that was the ticket. It finished, I put in the dryer and went to bed. This morning I separated my husband's nice slacks and polos along with my dressier clothes and ran on perm press -- the spin was default 'low' and it finished just fine. It was at most a medium size load. Next I've put in our normal dark items, jeans and t-shirts and dark socks. It got hung up at 7 and finally reset to 15 mins and rinse...went through and got hung up at the same time, 7 minutes. Soaking wet, it was only 1/2 of the drum filled. I just reset the cycle and got some more normal dark items from one of my kids' hampers and it's now 3/4 full and hoping this will work.

The machine is without a doubt level. We've checked and rechecked and it's dead on with the bubble. We've checked the drain hose and it's fine. This last time I pulled it up slightly and checked to see if the water felt or looked sudsy and it doesn't. I'm only using 1/4th cup of an HE detergent (All with oxyclean).

Right now I'm becoming frustrated. If all I can do is full loads with front load machines this won't work at all. Sometimes I only have a handful of items to wash.

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And forgot to add that yes, we did get the shipping bolts off. :)

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Quick update that adding more clothes did in fact fix. So what I am finding is that high spin needs a full load. I am going to see how mdm spin works with smaller loads. Other than the spin issue I really like my new washer and I'm willing to keep learning.

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One last post, the final update to the update to the minor panic attack -- I've been doing laundry all day, not only playing catch-up but also learning my samsung and my earlier frustrations from this morning are long gone and I'm SO very happy tonight.

I've learned that small loads can run but a lot depends on the weight of those loads. I did run a little bleach with a load of whites because there is a whole lot of dingy to repair from previous washer. I'm figuring out all the little adjustments to make to the cycles depending on what I'm washing. Right now I've got a 2/3 load of jeans and a few odds and ends darks and I've turned the spin to low. I've washed towels, whites, darks, shoes (with towels as suggested on samsung's CS reply and I did take the shoes out at the tail end of spin because it was causing too much bumping and wouldn't complete)...I've only paused with laundry to take one of my son's to music lessons in town, do some grocery shopping then back home to more laundry. My morning panic is long gone.

I'm sure that the main reasons I was so upset was because of the reason we junked our last washer was not being able to finish/spin...was feeling cursed!

Anyway, for future readers, all is well, it's just operator error and learning how to use my new washer. I can't wait for my biokleen to get here and try out some new detergent!

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