New House - rough in for A/C?

bennyhahaNovember 3, 2009

Quick question - I am buying a new pre-construction house and I have the option to add the rough-in for an A/C system for $1700. The full Bryant 13 SEER A/C unit would cost about $4k more, but not sure I want to pull the trigger on that. If I went for the rough in now, how much would it cost (roughly) to add a system later. All the would have to do is pour the A/C concrete pad, hook up the electric and plumbing lines, it should be straight forward.

Any advice on how much it would cost to add the system later (would it be more or less than the $4k to do it now)?

any thoughts/advice are really appreciated.

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what area of country do you live?

how do you plan to heat your home? what mdl and brand of equipment?

what exactly would you get for $1700? be specific as possible.

when would you add the AC?

post back.

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jUST CURIOUS. WHAT KIND OF HEAT ARE YOU PUTTING IN. If your putting in warm air heat what are they doing for the rough-in now.The air will run through the same ducts.

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For heating, I am planning on this (Bryant 95s):

The description for the A/C rough in reads as such (and is $1755):
A/C coil at furnace.
Refrigerant & condensate lines stubbed to exterior near the A/C pad location designated on your floor plan.
Low voltage wiring.
Drain pan under coil.
Electrical pre-wired to exterior near the A/C pad location designated on your floor plan, which includes a 30amp breaker and 6-3 wiring from the panel to disconnect outside the home.
The rough-in does NOT include the A/C unit, A/C pad or wiring and piping stubs to the future A/C unit.

The full A/C package is $5705, and is this:
Energy Star Bryant Puron 13 Seer Air Conditioner (Model # 123ANA)
For affordable comfort, long-term reliability and money-saving efficiency, the Legacy Line is the perfect choice.
In addition to the savings you'll enjoy while the home comfort industry phases out R-22 Freon, the Legacy line 123ANA also delivers an impressive energy efficiency rating of 13 SEER.
The A/C includes a fiberglass pre-formed structural pad, which the unit will sit on.

I live in the Northwest, near Seattle. Its a pretty large house (3600 sf).

Any advice would be great.

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If this is a new home, In pre construction it would be wise to get the A/C now.
wouldn't you rather pay the extra 6,000 through a 30yr mortgage then pay for it all at once?

Also think about hybrid heat, heat pump and furnace.
heat pump = A/C in Summer then reverses for heat in winter.

If you can pay for the system over the mortgage i would suggest getting the best system you could get.

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If i'm reading this right, it seems you don't get any ductwork for that $1,700.00 unless it is included in the original price of the home.

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Most of the time, upgrades in RNC are outrageous. I wouldn't get a coil now. Limits what you get for an A/C later. Be nice to have the refrigerant lines run and a high voltage wire to outside too but unless it would be impossible to do later, it certainly would be cheaper to do later.

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and why put in the minimum efficiency manufacured a/c
with a 90+% furnace...??
upgrade to a 15 SEER, and qualify for fed tax credit.
savings of utility cost will offset equipment cost.
it was a huge step for the hvac mfgs to stop with 10 SEER
production and go to 13 SEER..the savings is there.
best of luck.

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