broken ac duct work.

rbg2November 19, 2011

At my rental house (split level home) the renters broke loose the duct work under the house in the crawl space. Did not let me know for a week at least and yet let the A/C run constantly for a week. (This was in hot part of June/July) The duct work in the house in basement area started to condensate and wet the sheetrock. Could this broken duct work have caused this problem since it ran the A/C for a week straight? They kept thermastat below 70 and said they kept lowering it to see if it would cool.

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Probably froze the evaporator coil causing some leakage. How do you know they broke the duct? Sounds like you have maintenance issues as opposed to tenant issues. It falls on landlord to take care of his equipment not the tennant unless its in the lease. Sounds to me like you are trying to charge them for the problem.

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The answer to your question is sure it could have caused the problem.........( the condensation due to the broken duct work). But I am more curious about why, or how the tenants would have broke the ductwork in the crawl space.

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ductwork in crawlspace often comes apart due to
poorly sealed & strapped ducts.
gravity is the another factor.

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"gravity is the another factor."

Damn you Mr. Newton.

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