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quiltgirlJune 11, 2011

Whenever I bake a cake in my Aga four oven cooker, the center of the cake sinks in after about five minutes of cooling. I did not have this problem in my conventional oven. I have tried leaving the cake in longer, covering with the cold rack etc. Nothing seems to work. I think I need to put another oven in my kitchen. The Aga is just not that great for baking, at least for me. Does anyone have any other suggestions? This last time I used duck eggs in the cake, but have had the same experience with chicken eggs. Thank you in advance for any input.

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I was having a problem with the centers falling in my old oven. I got all new appliances this past winter and have never had a problem since. My conclusion, uneven heating in the old oven, possibly due to a weak electric coil.

Like you, I tried increasing the bake time but that didn't help. The sides were over done, yet the center fell.


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The only AGA I have ever used was in England and it was one of those that was always on. Also you couldn't adjust the heat - each oven had it's own range of temps and you worked with that.

Is your oven the same? I would highly recommend getting an oven thermometer and testing the temperature in different parts of your oven.

Fallen cakes are due to a few reasons:

1. The oven temperature is set too low/the pans were put in before the oven was finished preheating. Preheat the oven for at least 15 to 20 minutes before setting the pans inside it.

2. Either over-beating or under-beating the batter.

3. Correct temperature but not baking long enough

4. Ratio of liquid to dry ingredients is incorrect. Too much sugar can also make a cake fall.

5. Moving the cake during baking and/or opening the door to check on it.

6. Cake pan is too small for the amount of batter.

7. Too much baking powder or baking soda. Measure accurately.

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Have you checked the Aga site? They have this chef you can ask questions. Or search for same problem.

Have you also checked the Appliance or Kitchen forums on here. I know others have had Aga questions answered on one of them but I'm not sure which.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aga Cooking Doctor

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quiltgirl, I am having the exact same issues. We bought a house in April that has a 4 oven Aga. We have an Aga store here and I took one of the cooking classes and I have read the Aga Bible and a couple of other Aga books. I love to cook and bake and I am so frustrated....I've thrown away more desserts than I can count! I too have tried multiple things, but I can't get a cake or breakfast bread to bake all the way through before the top/edges burn. Everything I read says that the Aga should cook things faster than a "normal" oven, but I am baking them much longer than the suggested times. My Aga seems to be working fine and the heat gauge shows that it is right where it should be. Have you found any answers or tips in your research?

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Try using a bundt pan or angel food cake pan, depending on the recipe. You will still have a hole in the center, but this way it will be deliberate. How is your oven for muffins and cupcakes?


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Check the oven Baking temperatures.


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I have an Aga 4 oven I never had my cake fall do you putit in top right oven,I just posted an add Im selling mine for a wolf.

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Check the oven temperature with an oven thermometer. My oven was telling me it was 350 when it was actually nowhere NEAR 350. So I have to monitor the temp with an oven thermometer.

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Please let us know if it was the Oven temperature,
that was off.

Probably Low, about 25 Degrees.


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Oh My! I just now got back to this post . . . . .6 months later! I am sorry!
No, I have not checked oven temp, but will do that in the next 24 hours and report back. I still have soggy middles to my cakes and brownies, but we eat them anyway! (Edges are next to rock sometimes and still the center is not done.) I do not think I am over beating or checking the cake too early etc. I mix and measure as I have in the past and did not have this problem with a regular oven. I bake in the lower right oven. Should I be using the Roasting oven????
In thinking this through, I can only come to the conclusion that the Aga is hotter around the periphery of the oven and less hot in the very center. I am at a loss as to how to remedy this problem.

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I was brought up with an Aga and we always roasted and baked in the top right oven, and used the bottom one for slow cooking and keeping warm. That could be your problem!

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When I got the four oven Aga, I was told that the top right oven is the roasting oven and is at 450 degrees and the bottom right oven is the baking oven set at 350 degrees. The left top is the simmering oven at 250 degrees and the bottom left oven is the warming oven at about 1500 degrees. I have never baked a cake or brownies in the roasting oven. I do my biscuits in there though.

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Gads, a $20,000 oven and you can't even bake a cake? That's crazy! I've never even heard of such an oven and what would be the purpose of making an oven that you only had one temp in each tiny section? It sounds to me like the oven is way too hot so it's cooking the outside super fast and the inside cannot get done so it's still just raw.

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You may have to become a muffin, bundt cake and cupcake gal! Cakes are overrated, lol! There are lots of individual type baking pans where you can make muffins of various sizes, little bundt cakes, individual brownies, etc. Also, you might want to invest in some cast iron baking pans. They radiate heat evenly. When I use cheapie steel baking pans my stuff bakes unevenly in my conventional oven, which is electric and also has its hot spots and temp. waxing and waning.

Years ago I did baking demos using a cast iron stove. Talk abut a PITA! I did learn, smaller pans, and move them around throughout the baking process. You also might experiment with a bain marie, it keeps cheesecakes from falling in the middle. It might work for a denser thing like brownies. Probably not necessary for a quick bread.

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I find that things bake more evenly for me in heavy ceramic bakeware than in anything else.

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Yes but didnt you get a tray for your oven to move your dish higher,the higher you have the food in the oven the hotter,I too have a 4 oven.

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