New Speed Queen W/D Arrived and...

flynnnjJuly 27, 2013

I LOVE THEM! Yes, all you SQ lovers out there - you are so right.

The machines are simple to use, clean beautifully, and dry great.

I tormented myself for over a year and put up with semi-clean clothes, a dryer that took forever, and kept researching and researching.

I couldn't believe how grungy things were until I saw how much cleaner they got after being washed in the new SQ 542SP.

Even the dryer surprised me. The towels came out so much fluffier and the sheets were less wrinkled.

I hesitated buying 'old school' and was distracted by all the new shiny silver or red machines and the front loaders. Well, due to my limited space I couldn't fit a FL.

I needed to listen to the words of my daddy, "Remember hon, it's what's inside that counts!"

NO need to buy an extended warranty, no need to buy special detergent, no need to clean the tub every few months. Thanks Dad and thanks GardenWeb.

LIFE IS GOOD and so much cleaner :)

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Congratulations! So happy for you!

Have you noticed you have so much more time now? To us, time saving is a great advantage of SQ. We no longer waste long hours doing laundry.

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Azmom, Is the speed queen dryer a lot better than other models?

I'm needing all new appliances for a new house purchase and have done lots of research. I'm going to splurge on the speed queen washer. It will cost me around $300 more than what I've looked at, but I don't want a junk washer to last a few years or need a $200 repair soon.

I'll have to travel to buy the washer, but it's worth it IMO. I'm on a tight budget and looking for very basic appliances.
(Which, btw, if anyone sees this and has advice on a basic 18' top freezer no icemaker fridge, basic coil burner range, and budget range dishwasher, please contact me)

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Congrats, flynnnj ... though it is no surprise that you are so happy with your new SQ. Your dad was right, but there is a lot to be said for the simple and unobtrusive appearance of the SQ, too. But If you are really into red and flashy, you can always get the red knob-inserts for your SQ! :-)

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Congratulations! Which dryer did you get?

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After reading through some of the laundry forum posts about calibrating washers, weights and balances, moisture sensors, error codes, mold issues, etc., I realized that doing laundry has become a rather complicated process. I am very grateful to Speed Queen for continuing to build a simple and reliable machine that doesn't require a lot of thought and effort to use.

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We like our SQ dryer a lot too. It is the quietest dryer we have ever own. It has sufficent capacity, everything comes out the dryer really nice, towels are fluffy and sheets are smooth.We cannot be happier.

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SQ's rock, don't they? I have the stackable front load washer and dryer and am very happy going on fourteen months.

My instruction manual does recommend HE (high efficiency) laundry detergent though as did the dealer. Please check on your model on this. Try to avoid excessive suds: cut back on detergent if you see them. I use much less HE now than I did with my old W/D.

You'll find that your SQ W/D just gets better with time. Efficient, effective, and makes laundry doing enjoyable again.

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Hello everyone, just wanted to say thanks for helping us choose our new SQ TL washer and matching dryer.

After about 9 years with our previous set (Kenmore HE3t pair), our new SQ's arrived a week ago (AWN 542 & ADE 4BR) and have been a pleasure to use so far.

We've run delicates and bath mats through the machines and everything has come out nicely. We'll obviously need more time to truly evaluate the performance and reliability but we're off to a great start.

This forum is full of helpful wisdom which significantly helped our search!

Thanks again.

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So .. where are people buying Speed Queen machines from - local vendors or online or ??

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I still love my SQ w/d - each time I use them I find more to like about them.

As far as purchasing them - I used a local 'mom and pop' store and was very happy with the price and service.

I actually had a small water problem the second week - the laundry area had been painted and I didn't know that the painters had turned off the cold water. Well, I went to fill the washer and water. I called the store in a panic.

A few hours later, my salesman came out to the house - had brought new hoses and connectors with him and tah-dah - it was a simple fix. Well, simple to him, not to me.

So - I can't rave enough about dealing local - don't know if I'm allowed to mention it but I used Better Housekeeping in Red Bank NJ and they really deserve a big SHOUT OUT of THANKS! Yeah, Carl - my wonderful salesperson - above and beyond the call of duty.

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I just got a new SQ washer and dryer...and I hate them. It has been all of 2 weeks and I've had an appliance repair person out to my house 3, count 'em, 3 times! First the control panel on the machine was all wobbly (and the installer didn't turn on the water -- which isn't the machine's fault, but still...). Then when I tried to do a load, spun the knob to "normal" and pulled...nothing happened. It turned out that they had some wires crossed inside the machine, messing up the water. Nice, Speed Queen. Yesterday I tried to do another load and the clothes didn't spin well, they were still very, very wet. Put them into the dryer, turned it to "more dry" and guess what? It never advanced to "less dry" and cooling down. It just stayed there going on and on and on..."more dry". Today the repairman came AGAIN. Oh guess what? It needs a new timer. Brand new machines! Crossed wires, faulty timers...I am so mad I could just spit. And the "mom and pop" place where I bought them insists that I have a repairman come out FOUR times (for FOUR separate issues) before they will consider them lemons and swap them out. I am hoping to get them to change their minds because this is ridiculous. I am so fed up with Speed Queen and their "quality" machines.

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My Speed Queen washer was delivered today, and so far so good! We have a longer than normal distance for the washer to hit the tub, so DH had to buy an extension for the hose to reach. I think a couple things got cleaner than in the old Danby. And I can't believe how much the darn thing holds, having been adjusted to the itty bitty Danby. And a load gets done in no time flat!

We're still using the old dryer, but with the dust removed from inside the cabinet due to a suggestion here. So now, the dryer seems to run hotter; not sure I really like that since I don't want to fry my clothes. I'll adjust, tho'!

I really, really like not having electronic controls on neither washer nor dryer. I'm looking forward to eventually changing my range to a Capital Culinarian or a Bluestar!

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We purchased from a locally-owned appliance store. There are two within 20 miles that sell Speed Queen.

One of those stores features SQ on the showroom floor, which helped us make our decision.

Working with our small, local store was a very good experience. In particular, the delivery and installation to our upstairs laundry room was professional and respectful of our home.

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mom2krypto, I thought that an appliance had to be serviced three times for the SAME issue in order to be replaced under the "lemon law." Still, you may have some recourse through your CC company if you can't get the problem resolved. No one enjoys having problems with a brand new appliance, and I feel for you that you are having this bad experience.

If your washer is set on permanent press (or some of the other cycles), the clothes will come out somewhat wetter than if they were washed on the regular cycle. Did you have one of your settings adjusted for a slower spin speed?

I did have a brand new Whirlpool washer that was delivered once with some wires crossed on the inside that prevented it from operating properly. The repair guy sent by the store failed to locate that issue and left me with a poorly functioning machine, but a second guy from a different company diagnosed and fixed the problem in about two minutes and everything was fine after that. It turned out to be a really good washer and it worked well for many years.

It could be that the repair guy they are sending is not really up to par. Ask them to send someone else out, or just call Speed Queen directly instead of going through the appliance store. They can send a different company and you might get better service.

To answer the OP's question, I purchase mine from a smaller mom-and-pop store that has been in business locally for years and years. They were great to deal with! They have to compete with the big box stores so they step up by providing really excellent service.

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I am concerned about the capacity of the SQ TL at 3.3 cu ft. I have a king size bed and wonder about the ability to launder blankets and spreads of this scale in the SQ. Capacity is my only reservation re the purchase. Please advise

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I can wash queen size sheets fine in my machine and a not so fluffy down comforter in mine with nice turnover.
If you are washing a thick king size comforter, that would have to go to the laundromat. Sheets and bedspreads should be fine though.

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We only have king size bedding. Other than thick blankets or comforters, everything else including sheets, duvets, lightweight king size blankets, extra long shower curtain..etc. all are washed in our TL Speed Queen. Everything comes out nice and clean. We never encountered any problem.

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