Help with smelly washer

justducky22July 17, 2013

Ok, so I know I need to clean my is in a damp basement and so of course it stinks inside! A few times I have noticed chunks of waxy looking stuff in the bottom of the washer (top loader) after a wash. It does not smell and neither do the clothes...yet. At first I thought that maybe I washed a Chapstick but upon inspecting all the clothes and pockets, nothing. Any idea what this stuff could be? I mostly wash on cold if that matters. Any tips on getting the smell out would help too! Thanks!

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How often do you run the clean washer cycle? Do you add anything to it? Do you use fabric softner? What kind of detergent do you use? How often do you clean the drain trap? Do you leave the washer door and detergent tray open between uses? Is your water hard? What kind of washer do you have?

The waxy clumps are exactly that. Buildup from body oils, detergents, etc. Obviously your clothing isn't very clean either.

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It is a top load ge machine. I do not use fabric softener at all. Using liquid detergent (honestly, whatever is on sale). Never cleaned the drain trap...not even sure what that is or where it is. I do leave the lid open but our basement is damp from all the rain so not sure if that would matter. Someone told me to remove and clean the agitator, put it back and run the largest cycle on the hottest water setting and add a couple cups of bleach and let it sit for an hour after filling. Repeat if necessary. Is there something I could use besides bleach? I don't currently use bleach at all because my husband is allergic. Thank you for the response!

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Constant cold water and liquid detergent diet is the source of your problem. The odor will continue until you 1) get the machine properly cleaned and 2) change your laundry habits.

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