Height of cabs in laundry room??

lisadluJuly 18, 2010

I have 8' ceilings and was going to do 42" cab's up to the ceiling since that is what I will have in the kitchen. Then I started to think that cabs in the laundry room should probably start higher than they do in the kitchen. It just seems odd to have the cabinets come so low in there. What have you done? Thanks!

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Need more information, including how large your space is?

1. Are the cabinets above your w/d only, and how many?

2. Are they above a countertop?

3. Measure the distance from the ceiling down to the highest point (washer if a front-loader or washer with open lid if a top-loader).

4. Do you want to leave some hanging space, such as a short clothes rod between two cabinets?

5. Do you have room for a tall utility cabinet rather than tall upper cabinets that can be difficult to utilize? Tall utility cabinets with pull-out drawers are WONDERFUL!

6. Consider making the cabinets 15-inches deep to accommodate large packaging.

What have I done? All kinds of things in several different laundry rooms over the years. Hubby is a VP of a cabinet manufacturing company with 35-years experience in design.

After down-sizing to a smaller home 4-years ago, I have a tall utility cabinet that contains all the laundry "stuff", and enough storage for "extras" and cleaning supplies, next to the w/d. There is a shelf over the W/D with baskets where we place the dirty clothes. There are enough baskets so everything is automatically divided by color, type, etc. I have an accordion drying rack that pulls out from the wall. This is where wet towels/washcloths/dish towels and dish rags get dried before being tossed into the basket.

It usually comes down to practical use, space available, and $$$$$ (LOL).


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