Nellie's made by Charlie's

livebetterJuly 24, 2010

I posted this as a follow up on an older thread but it did not appear so I'm posting it as a new thread.

In the older thread someone says that NellieÂs is just CharlieÂs soap repackaged. Taylor from CharlieÂs chimes in and says, "Actually, it's not."

I was searching some NellieÂs info the other day and came across this article.

If Nellie's is not Charlie's, as Taylor states above, then it must be made by them. "The product is imported from North Carolina and was originally designed to clean textile equipment" ... sounds exactly like CharlieÂs.

I know there are numerous threads on this subject but I had to post a link to this article for those still wondering.

Here is a link to the older post:

Here is a link that might be useful: Nellie's made by Charlie's?

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You may both be right -- it is possible that Nellie's is made by the same folks that make Charlie's, but at the same time it may be a different formula vs. a straight repackage. A lot of brands use established manufacturers to actually make their products but have the formula tweaked a bit along the way.

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