How Many of you Guys are into Auto Detailing

chefwongJuly 30, 2013

Heh. This forum sorta reminds me of Auto Detailing. In Waxes alone, I can easily say I have about 2K + in waxes....but ~coatings~ have replaced all my expensive 'nuba.

In the GW Laundry forum, between the German powders to the chemicals you guys use to maintain and treat your washers with care ;-)

I think the closest thing that comes close for me to be part of the GW Laundry Forum, is my commercial grade steamer, but this is more in part to my OCD'ness when cleaning. I bought it with the intent of using it on the the toys (cars) but 90% of the time, I'm using in around the household ...floors, bathrooms, windows, u name it.

Hell, I'm guilty of being a tool junkie, order German wrenches - only to get hit with a hefty Custom Fee, which stopped my overseas ordering on those and Snap On has been my supply since.

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Guilty. Dupray Hill Injection Steamer, Kranzle pressure washer, Flex XC 3401 VRG, air orbital, GG 3", Makita rotary, tank air compressor, on-and-on. Plan on switching over to Wera tools; currently have all the way and including 3/4" drive on existing tools. No longer use waxes; it's either a sealant or coating. Mind you this all just a hobby.

LOL, I've even detailed our Miele washer and dryer!

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YOU GUYS! Don't get me looking at German tools - please!

We do have a Snap On dealer that visits the farm yearly but I always let DH deal with that. I never new, chefwong. I will have to take a look in his van on his next visit :)

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Ha. I knew there had to be a couple of detailers on here.

I was online looking at Persil, etc and I was like's just like auto detailing hobby, just a tad different.

Back in the day, I was importing Menzerna when Menzerna was not even available here stateside ;-)

BTW, CQF with Reload is my favorite combo..

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