White or Graphite washer?

auntsisJuly 18, 2014

I am going to get an LG front loader (old washer finally quit) and wondered if the graphite finish is as durable as white
. I have never had anything but white but might be nice to change.

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The darker the color, the more noticeable scratches, dents and fingerprints are. White is somewhat ageless and more economical.

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Auntsis may I be so bold as to suggest red, I saw LG, Samsung and GE laundry products in white, gray & red. AS far as I can tell what you have to look out for is a porcelain finish which now days is sometimes used only on the tops if used at all. Many vintage products were all porcelain , which is a baked on glass like coating. I might not have the spelling correct but the thery is sound. Happy hunting David

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I wound up going with white, I decided a mismatched set would drive me crazy. I once had an almond 'fridge in an all white kitchen and it just annoyed me. It will be delivered the end of August - just a scheduling thing on my part. Once I get it I will update a review of it.

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