Stains, 'green' detergents, and Tide

stbonnerJuly 16, 2011

When I bought my Bosch front loader about four years ago I switched to "green" detergents. I used Charlie's Soap for about 2 years or more, but quit it when I realized that I had multiple stains that weren't coming clean, and my white clothes were dingy and grey and never looked clean. Since then I've used multiple detergents - Seventh Generation, Greenworks, Costco Environmentally Friendly, and Cheer. I've been using Tide with Bleach on my whites and they are looking super now.

Anyway, I still had multiple items with old stains that weren't going away. My husband gets really dirty on the weekends, and he had a stash of already stained shorts and shirts that were his designated "tractor clothes". About six weeks ago I started using Tide Free and Gentle on my light colored and really dirty clothes. This morning my husband went looking for stained shorts to wear and he had none. All of his previously stained clothes are now clean and stain-free. I haven't been spraying stains or soaking or anything, just washing the really dirty stuff with the Tide Free.

I still like my Kirkland's EF and Cheer for dark clothes or clothes that don't get especially dirty, but from now on I will be using Tide on my stuff that really needs a good cleaning. If anyone is struggling (as I was) with stains on clothes that don't seem to get getting clean, you may want to give the Tide a try.

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I tried the Kirkland EF a while ago when it was on sale. Really didn't like it at all. The liquid made a nasty goopy mess in the measuring cup if I didn't rinse it well (much worse than other liquids). It really didn't clean well and it didn't smell good.

We've had good results with Vaska - it may not have the stain cutting power of, say Tide but for most of our dirt it works fine. The smell is good and it does leave clothes soft.

Method seems to be good as well - I've got a bottle of that floating around.

I also like Sears Ultra. Cheap and does get many stains out as well. But i think it may be harsh on fabrics as I've heard and seen some fading in darks.

Not tried Tide yet although I just picked up a bottle of Tide Sport to wash my running clothes that have taken on a funk. It smells nice and reviews seem to be generally good.

Good Lord, I didn't realize the bad influence this forum has been. :)

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Is this the liquid version?

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Tide HE is a winner. Regardless of what people think about P&G and the ingredients, at least P&G discloses the complete ingredients list of their detergents. Unlike even some green and natural companies who won't tell you each ingredient that's in their products. I am disappointed that Vaska won't disclose their ingredients in more than vague, general terms (surfactant, conditioner, etc.). Like many manufacturers, they are hiding behind the argument that their formulation is "proprietary" and a "trade secret". Well, if anyone should be concerned about that it's P&G, yet they have no problem disclosing their ingredients.

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LOL - this forum is addictive and a really bad influence.

I have to say that I am still not convinced about Tide HE Free & Clear liquid. I used to use it exclusively before I bought my new washer & dryer and I was never happy with its washing ability. It is also difficult to rinse. Even in my new washer with a heater, I am still not loving it. It suds up more than other detergents I have, it doesn't seem to wash as well and it is still difficult to rinse. But I bought some Tide w/bleach HE powder yesterday - after two loads I am quite pleased with it.

So far my favorites are Vaska and Method for liquids. Green Works is OK but I find myself reaching for Vaska and Method more. For powders, I like Sears powder but it does fade darks. I also have Gain HE powder and Foca and like them both a lot. Foca is absolutely the best in getting old set in stains out but Gain has done very well too. I will report back on Tide with Bleach after I've used for a few more weeks.

The hardest thing now is trying to decide which detergent to use for which load ;-)

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@livebetter - yes, I'm using mostly the Tide Free liquid, but am occasionally using Tide powder as well. I do use Tide with Bleach powder on my white stuff.

My mother always used Tide, and I used Tide exclusively until a few years ago, when I tried to go green with my detergents. I never had stain problems until I quit using Tide. I do think Tide can fade things, especially darks, so I'm hesitant to go back to using Tide on everything, but I'm sure going to keep using it on my light clothes and my really dirty stuff.

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Tide Total Care works well for me. Gets out the stains and heavy dirt while preserving color. Whites are good too. The environmentally concious products seem weak. I found I was expending more time pretreating and energy prewashing-soaking trying to compensate. Tide is the winner.


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Personal preference I know ... but I think Tide Total care smells terrible. I personally prefer Woolite Complete.

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The only Tide Total Care I can find around here is the Renewing Rain scent, and I just can't tolerate it. It is the only laundry detergent scent that I just can't stand - it literally makes me feel a little queasy after a while.

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I find the scent of Tide Total Care to be objectionable only if used in scant amounts. If you use a full dose as recommended on the bottle, the scent is actually pleasant. From my experience, if you don't use enough of this detergent, the smell is reminiscent of something musty.

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I wanted to go green too. I loved Charlie's but after a while, even with using two scoops and other additives, I still wasn't getting the results I wanted. I still use it, but only on certain things now like cleaning rags and underwear or anything that can not have enzymes used on it. Not too mention, having to use two scoops and additional additives was not very economical. I might as well just stick with conventional and save a few bucks.

Biokleen and Seventh Generation seemed to do okay, but still had issues.

My whites got much better when I switched to the Sears, and the Persil I just got has knocked me out of my socks. That stuff is awesome!!! :D

I may try the Tide Free HE liquid again when I run out of Charlie's and see how things go. Our undies have to be washed in scent free, gentle detergent due to skin allergies.

I am just relieved I am not the only one who was having probs going green after finding stains left on clothing despite my best efforts.

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@happymomof2kids - Have you tried the ALL F&C? No enzymes, in it either, so I can use it safely on washable woolens and have for years.
Charlie's left our whites rather dingy after a while. Ecru comes to mind for the name of the color they became. Seriously. Neither Borax nor Oxy-Clean helped.

Now that I've got a FL washer and have been experimenting and discovered detergents with enzymes, given the CS has been given away. We're limited to perfume-free detergents (those experiments failed) and am looking for the liquid Cheer 'HE' B&C(F&C) formula. It's hard to find.

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Tide Total Care Renewing Rain straight from the bottle is peculiar scent wise. When the clean laundry emerges from the dryer, there is a light fresh scent that is quite pleasant to my nose.

I greatly appreciate this version of Tide; because it addresses the variety of washload dilemmas / predicaments I am faced with. I.E., delicates, color retention & great cleaning with all loads.


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I'm curious as to what type of stains others are dealing with. I am a mother of two small boys so I think I know stains? However, I guess my kids are some what neat? Or I've mastered the art of stain treatment?

I went "green" right after my first was born (about 8 years ago).

Something for parents to consider; children are highly vulnerable to chemical toxicants. Pound for pound of body weight, children drink more water, eat more food and breathe more air than adults. The implication of this is that children will have substantially heavier exposures than adults to any toxicants that are present in water, food or air.

Your home's air quality can make a big difference in your healthy aging. "The smallest particles are the ones that do the most damage," Dr. Oz says (excerpt from Oprah with Dr. Oz).

My home has not seen conventional cleaners since then (ie. toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, furniture polish, etc ...). I'm very particular and my house looks great. If you keep on top of cleaning (not try to clean a toilet that hasn't been cleaned in a month) then toxic chemicals really aren't necessary - at least that's my experience.

Laundry is a little more elusive (or I'm a little more obsessed ... lol).

When I first took the plunge, I started with Shaklee. I can honestly say these are among some of my favourite products still. I could not be without Basic H2. The Shaklee liquid fabric softener is the only green fs I have ever liked (and I've tried almost every one). It actually softens and it smells wonderful (fresh not floral or fruity).

Their laundry detergent is also really great. It has a wonderful soapy smell. It's called "fresh laundry" and that's exactly how it smells. This information is from their materials: "Two-in-one product - outperforms Shout and Spray 'n Wash in stain removal. Outperforms All Small and Mighty as laundry detergent for removal of dirt and stains." (they do reference the test information for this claim)

Being a product junkie though, I have tried almost every brand available. I find many of the green detergents work. Seventh Generation does clean well I just don't love the way it smells. I have really tried to like it. Method seems to clean well but I find their scents "fake" and strong. I find the Clorox Greenworks does a great job. My kids' clothes are always clean and I haven't noticed any fading of darks. Vaska is wonderful too.

I'm a huge believer in oxygen bleach. I use it for almost everything. I use a pure form of sodium percarbonate. My whites are very white - no dingys here :)

I used to use Tide for everything but I no longer believe one detergent is right for all loads. I have a small arsenal at my disposal and I choose based on what I'm washing. I do own a few conventional detergents (mostly bad influence from this forum) that I use occasionally. I almost never wash my kids' bedding or clothes with it though.

Trying to make greener choices may not be easy but...

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P&G pretty much invented the modern laundry detergent and I think stbonner basically outlined why Tide has been like the #1 seller here. It really is a good product. And for most folks it's going to work as intended.

I remember studying their brand and roll-out strategy, which was impressive, but wouldn't have been for 60+ years w/o good results at home. Basically a chemical company, P&G's been comparatively slow to the green issue -- efficacy being part of the reason.

For me tackling stains is about fabric and type of soil. I can't just Shout It Out. Tide is definitely a go-to pre-treatment for everyday wear and some table linens though.

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Livebetter, I raised a son who never even came close to staining clothes like my husband can. My husband is a hunter, a fisherman, sometimes drives a tractor, and is forever working on something in the garage. Some of the stains that he routinely brings home are blood (ugh), fish guts, mud, grease, oil, sunscreen, oily bug repellant - you get the idea. I too really like the idea of using more natural cleaners in my house, and I have no problem getting good results with those. Some of the more natural detergents work fine for my clothes and for my husbands work clothes (white collar job) but they just don't cut it for his recreational clothes. I try to use the natural stuff where I can, but will no longer use anything but Tide on the really grimy stuff.

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I've tried almost everything out there - Tide in various formulations, Vaska, Wisk Dual Action, Clorox Green Works, Method Squeaky Green, Persil Universal, Persil Megaperls (Universal and Color), Bi-O-Kleen Premium Powder, Charlie's Soap, Country Save, EcoVantage, LeBlanc/L'Amour, and probably more. Out of all those products, this is what I use on a regular basis:

  • Tide HE Total Care for sheets, pillow cases, duvets, throw blankets, and bright colors;
  • Persil Universal Megaperls for white fabrics, dish and shop towels;
  • Vaska for dark fabrics, bath towels and washcloths, and occasionally for beddings;
  • Tide HE w/ Bleach Alternative liquid for bright colors, whites, and mixed loads where I need more aggressive stain removal at lower temperatures.
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@stbonner - ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! LOL! That is some serious stains. My husband isn't outdoorsy or handy so I wouldn't know anything about that ;O

Like I said before, we do the best we can. Sometimes we need to pull out the "big guns".

@sshrivastava, don't you prefer Vaska for bedding? I love the way bedding smells/feels washed with it. Of course I add oxygen bleach with whites.

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@ livebetter

Yes, I alternate between Total Care and Vaska for bedding. Total Care imparts fabrics with softness, similar to Vaska, however the fabrics feel different after using Total Care. It's almost like the fabric is more relaxed. Sheets and duvets tend to lay flat and resist wrinkling. Vaska leaves everything soft and fresh smelling, too, but doesn't have as noticeable an effect on the fabric's look and feel. I tend to alternate between the two, depending on what mood I'm in scent wise.

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I use Tide Total Care on our nice clothes and cold-water washables like swimwear and lingerie. They come out so clean and smooth, and I haven't noticed any residual scent. It seems to be completely gone when I take the laundry out of the washer.

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Sears Ultra Plus Free powder, in our Miele W4840, cleans our clothes much better than Tide Free Liquid did in our old agitator washer. So the machine can matter more than the detergent.

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Sorry it took so long to reply. Yeah, I actually have and do use All Free and Clear on occasion. It does an okay job for us, but there are still some stains left behind and I have to use extra rinses because it gets pretty bubbly in my machine. (Yes, the HE version. I am also one of the ones who has converted to using enough to get the clothes clean.) It does clean better than Charlie's and has whitened up some of the stuff the Charlie's turned gray. I do not care if it is the OB's in it that whitened them up. I do not think that is exactly true as the All Free and Clear made my whites smell a little better as well.

I keep it on hand as my Charlie's is almost gone now and I use it on things where enzymes are a no no. My detergent stock has increased a little LOL, and I use different ones for different things, but the clothes are coming out much cleaner.

I also picked up some Tide Free and Gentle HE and some Cheer Free and Gentle HE. So far they have been fine, but I still prefer powders. They just clean better in my opinion.

I also read on another website where the Tide with Bleach HE powder is not over powering in fragrance after clothes are washed and dried. I may try that. We can get away with some scents on our regular clothes, etc. Gain ended up being a no no (I had to try it at least once...LOL) but I have been able to use the Sears powder and Persil.

But the All, Tide, and Cheer perfume and dye free versions have done quite well on the undies. No reactions. :) I even tried the Arm and Hammer free for HE and Purex Free for HE, but those were horrible. I ended up donating them to the humane society. They suds up way to much in my FL and took forever to rinse out.

Once my Charlie's is completely gone, I'm planning on using BioKleen powder for my cleaning rags and towels. It cleans way better than Charlie's (although not as good as conventional), it rinses well, it is affordably priced for front loader usuage, and it has washing machine protection agents in it.

I'm slowly getting my washing issues worked out and I am much happier now. :)

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@happymomof2kids said, "All Free and Clear on occasion. It does an okay job for us, but there are still some stains left behind and I have to use extra rinses because it gets pretty bubbly in my machine.."

That is most likely because All F&C has no enzymes. I had to pre-treat the heck out of everything when I used it and Charlies Soap. Well, I still pre-treat because old habits die hard. I can't remember which brand & model washer you have, but I kind of think the All F&C sudses up a lot in my FL, too. Since I"m experimenting with other detergents now, it's in the rotation and I'm still watching it.

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Right now I have Tide powder w/bleach, Sears Ultra Wash powder StainFighter, Tide liquid w/bleach, Tide Total Care, Woolite liquid, Wisk liquid, and ERA liquid (all are HE detergents). The last two were so unbelievably inexpensive, I couldn't pass them up, lol.

ALL of these detergents clean my laundry well -- I can't tell much difference at all in their ability to clean laundry. I use different ones according to the type laundry, cycle, and wash temp I am using.

I have dc and a dh who sometimes get their clothes really dirty and stained, so I use Zout when needed. I also use OxyClean when washing white towels and white cotton T-shirts/socks/undies (not with towels) in HOT water boosted by internal water heater.

I haven't tried 'green' detergents. Several friends have, and say 'regular' detergents clean better and also get rid of odors better.

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I have tried going green in laundry. I really, really did. I've tried almost every single "green" product out there that looked like it had any punch, but have been disappointed almost every time in some fashion. The only products that have not disappointed me - Persil, Tide and Downy. I keep coming back to these products as top performers.

The purpose of detergent is not just to get your clothes clean, but to also protect your clothes from wear/fading and also your machine from build-up and scale. If a detergent can't perform those basic tasks, it's not worth buying in my opinion.

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"also protect your clothes from wear/fading ..."

And yet, it's the position of these "gentler" detergents (ie. Woolite, Vaska, etc ...) that the mainstream detergents full of enzymes and brighteners are what is wearing/fading clothes.

From Woolite; "Washing related damage is damage to your clothes that has occurred due to repeated chemical, temperature related or mechanical wear on your clothes during the wash. Certain ingredients that may be included in laundry detergents can damage clothing fibers and colors. This, in combination with high washing temperatures and heavy centrifuging, can cause your clothes to "age prematurely"."

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"And yet, it's the position of these "gentler" detergents (ie. Woolite, Vaska, etc ...) that the mainstream detergents full of enzymes and brighteners are what is wearing/fading clothes"

Eh..... I live in dark color clothes when summer stuff goes into storage--you'd think I live in NYC. (lol) It all faded with CS and All F&C, both which have neither enzymes or oxy-bleaches. I sort of thought the CS even faded darks faster.

Dyes have changed a lot, and more earth-friendly ones aren't always as stable, and will fade faster also. (that's what I have read and heard...)

The amount of chlorine in one's water will make a difference, hence Cheer's mantra that their detergent neutralizes chlorine.

The oxygen bleaches in a lot of the popular detergents will fade colors over time. YMMV

I wash my clothes in the mildest cycle possible, and never higher temps than Warm, to further pamper them. So far in my W4842, they've only seen the Wrinkle-Free and Delicate cycles, extended at times, but that's it.

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With the All Free and Clear I do have to pretreat or presoak a lot.

I picked up some of the Tide with Bleach HE powder. After I tried it and the clothes had dried there was only a very faint pleasent clean smell and the clothes were uber clean. LOL Needless to say this is one we can use. Yay! (This was after drying in the clothes dryer.)

I'm working on fabric softners again. I tried the Seventh Generation, but that was a no go. It just wouldn't dissolve in my dispenser. It just sat there in it's still thick, congealed like form. LOL I even cut it in half with hot water and there was still lots of softener in my dispenser.

I ordered some ecover as a friend of mine said that worked well for her, so we shall see.

I currently have perfume and dye free fabric softener here, and it works fine, but does little to help keep the clothes smelling fresh when I line dry, hence why I'm looking for a softener with a little scent we can stand. LOL.

I know some may be thinking that fresh air should be enough, but the air around me isn't always fresh. I have a neighbor that seems to grill every meal they eat. I live by train tracks and there are usually trains going most of the day. I also am right off a highway. Those three things seem to taint the air slightly. LOL

Now some may be wondering why I bother to line dry at all. That's easy enough to save a little money. I have an older electric dryer and our electric rates are always raised in summer and then go down again in the fall.

I calculated it and it actually saves me money to buy fabric softener and line dry vs. no fabric softener and clothes dryer. Not to mention, the sun kills bacteria and removes some stains.

I'll let you all know how the fabric softener search goes. LOL

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@happymomof2kids, if you're not afraid to order on line ... try the Shaklee Get Clean Fresh Fabric Concentrate. I really love it (and so do several people I got hooked on it). The smell is lovely and fresh. It's the only FS I'll use anymore. (I know I posted this on another thread but I wasn't sure if you saw it)

Here is a link that might be useful: Shaklee Soft Fabric Concentrate

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@ happymomof2kids

Why not give Downy Free & Sensitive a try? It's absolutely fantastic and does not add any build-up or residue like the scented version. Doesn't feel waxy. And if I want scent I blend in some essential oils. Lavender and citrus work very nicely together. The best of everything! :)

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Alright, I feel like I go through this roller coaster every year. Whenever something new comes out - Vaska, Charlie's Soap, Country Save, etc. - it's all the rage for about 6 months to one year, but eventually we always come back to Tide (HE), Persil and Downy. Those are the products I can always rely upon 100% of the time to get the job done.

Vaska was my latest project. I love the idea behind this product, especially the scent. Vaska claims the product cleans as well or better than Tide. I did not find that claim to be true, however. Vaska would not remove basic stains from my kitchen towels that Tide could easily handle. Vaska also generates a lot of suds when used on a load of towels. So much so that I can only use 1/2 capful of detergent for a large load of towels. This is fine for lightly soiled bath towels, but it's not sufficient for anything with visible soiling. The laundry is beautifully soft, fluffy and lightly scented out of the dryer. Although the scent is "lavender", I would describe it more like "lavender lemonade"... it's a very bright, light scent that I love!

Almost always after trying a trendy, new product I seem to have a good experience which then gradually sours over time. I think this is due to my desire to give a new product the benefit of the doubt. It's a bit like trying a new hair shampoo or toothpaste - different often equals better in our mind because we are trying something new and we want it to be good. But after consistently washing in one detergent for extended periods of time will quickly show that product's shortcomings. I always find that there is some level of compromise with the green and natural products. Ultimately the compromise is one that I'm not willing to make - cleanliness.

After every experimentation, I always come back to my Tide, Persiil and Downy. Lately I've been washing everything in Tide and adding Downy to the final rinse and am in dreamy heaven where I don't have to worry about hardly anything and the wash comes out perfect every time.

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I have to say that Vaska is just a huge favorite of mine. I have not soured on it in the many months I've been using it. In fact my friend and I were just discussing getting more from (they ship to Canada).

I view it as a "mild" detergent and use it accordingly. I wouldn't attempt to clean stained tea towels with it no matter what they claim is their cleaning ability.

I use if for all kinds of things though. This summer, my family has been swimming a lot (neighbors bought a cottage and let us use their pool on weekends). After swimming, I toss the suits in the Miele on express with a little Vaska and they come out great. No chlorine smell and they are holding up really well. I do the same with beach towels to keep them fresh between uses. My son is at a summer camp this week where they swim everyday so I do this with his suit and towel every night so fresh and ready for the next day.

I also use it for my personal items like delicate blouses, sweaters, pjs. I've used it to handwash my expensive bras and they come out wonderful. Very clean and smelling lovely.

I use it for sheets/towels sometimes and sometimes I use something like Cheer liquid or Tide/Persil if I think they need it.

My friend washes all her new baby things in Vaska.

I just couldn't be without it anymore. I love love love how things smell washed with it.

I, of course, own other detergents and use them according to what's being washed. I do have Tide/Persil/Cheer and will use them if I think I need extra cleaning power.

I also have Method/Greenworks/Shaklee/Seventh Generation too. I try and wash my kids' clothes with something that does not contain OBAs but I'm not a freak about it.

Of everything I own ... Tide is not my favorite ... not sure why. I have used it for stained tea towels. I do prefer its scent over Persil (sorry Larsi). It's milder.

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@ livebetter

I should clarify. When I say "Tide", at present that means Tide HE Total Care. I use it on almost everything except whites, pet bedding and rugs. When I need extra cleaning power I use Tide HE w/ Bleach liquid. For whites I use Persil Universal Megaperls powder. Tide HE w/ Bleach creates too many suds at 120F+ temps, which makes it unusable for anything washed on HOT or SANITIZE.

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I would try it if it came in another scent. Just can't get past the smell of Renewing Rain.

Has any tried it and smelled it in Cool Cotton? They show this as an option of the Tide US site.

It sounds like it would be less offensive ... but who knows??

Here is a link that might be useful: Tide Total Care - Cool Cotton

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@livebetter - that cool cotton you linked is not an HE version.

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@ livebetter

The HE version is not available in Cool Cotton, just Renewing Rain. I didn't like the scent at first either, it had funky and musty undertones. However, the last two bottles I've gone through have smelled much nicer- more flowery. I wonder if a bad batch of this stuff just made it through the supply chain, or maybe storing it under certain conditions causes the scent to change?

Here is what I've noticed after using Tide HE Total Care after several washings. Fabrics feel more substantial - almost heavier - and fibers appear refreshed and less aged. I have also noticed deeper color returning to my dark washables that previously appeared slightly faded. There is definitely something to this product when it comes to keeping clothes looking their best. While the effects are noticeable after a single washing, you'll really start noticing the changes after washing several times.

Two throw blankets that I've recently started washing in Tide HE w/ Bleach have come back to life. I used to wash these items in Charlie's Soap and various other green or natural products, which has taken its toll. The white areas are dingy grey and the colors appear to have faded. A few washings in Tide HE w/ Bleach has restored the white areas and made the colored areas more vibrant. Darker colors on the blanket also appear richer, perhaps due to the improved contrast when compared to the white areas.

For those who have experienced unsatisfactory results with their green and natural products, there's still hope! Wash your items in a good quality detergent like Tide HE and a potent fabric softener like Downy and you will see your fabrics come back to life.

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The free and clear fab. soft. I have is Downy. It does work really well, but does little to combat the odors outside, but I absolutely love it in the dryer. :) I will try adding some lavendar essential oil with it on a small load and hang them up. Even if the lavendar only cancels out the odors and leaves them smelling like nothing that is a win for me. Thank you for the tip.


I saw your post about Shaklee. I am going to try the Ecover first since I already ordered it, but if it doesn't work I will give Shaklee a try. Thank you for recommending it. :)

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@happymomof2kids, @larsi ordered some to try so I'm sure he'll post his feeling about it. I'm a little scared ... sure hope he likes it since he ordered it based 100% on my love of it.

Problem is, we are all different. He loves pretty heavily scented stuff which I can't tolerate. The Shaklee FS does have a fresh scent but its def not overwhelming.

I await his review with baited breath ... :)

I can tell you that the Shaklee liquid dishwash is also the best green one I have ever used. Can't use any other kind. I could not be without their Basic H2 cleaner either. I make my own cleaners using it and mix in different essential oils (like tea tree and lavender ... yum).

I stumbled on this cute blog last night. The blogger talks about using the products.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shaklee Get Clean - blog entry

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@ happymomof2kids

If you want more scent in your laundry, instead of adding the essential oil to the fabric softener just drizzle 1/2 tsp of essential oil on a small washcloth and toss into your dryer AFTER your clothes have dried. Run your dryer on NO HEAT setting for about 10-15 mins. Your clothes will have a pleasant, but most importantly natural scent.

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@sshrivastava, I don't find that method very long lasting. Do you?

happymom is looking to scent what she hangs outside to dry - not dryer.

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Tide HE w/ Bleach creates too many suds at 120F+ temps, which makes it unusable for anything washed on HOT or SANITIZE.

sshrivastasa, does this refer to the liquid or powder?

I use this powder formula often with Hot/Sanitize cycles which are much hotter than 120F (at least 160F), and I don't have a problem with sudsing. I haven't tried the liquid at those temps; don't know how that would be.

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@ happymomof2kids

As Larsi pointed out, my advice to put the essential oil on a washcloth and to tumble on no heat setting doesn't apply if you are line drying. Also, any essential oil scent you do get will usually dissipate within a day or two. But I'm one of those people who doesn't like a strong, lingering scent in his laundry.

@ mara_2008

I'm sorry, I should have specified that I was talking about the liquid. If I'm going to use a powder, I prefer Persil because it cleans better. Persil Megaperls contains four types of enzymes compared with two in Tide HE w/ Bleach powder.

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Persil Megaperls contains four types of enzymes compared with two in Tide HE w/ Bleach powder.

I don't doubt this is true, but using the Tide HE w/bleach powder in heater-boosted HOT water (sometimes with a scoop of OxyClean if white cottons are really grungy) gives me excellent results. As long as this is so, I'd much rather not spend the much-higher cost for Persil (plus shipping) or have to order it through the mail.

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Of course, use whatever works! :)

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