Water Heater Vent in Laundry Room. HELP!

lisadluJuly 13, 2010

We have a small laundry room maybe 6x4 that leads to the garage. The builder originally put the water heater in the room which was an eyesore, left no room for cabinets, and worried me it would burst and flood my house someday. Last year we removed it and put a tankless under the house. Now we are ready to install cabinets but there is a vent to the attic in the ceiling that I would like to remove and drywall over so we have cabinets to the ceiling. We've asked several plumbers and have gotten several answers if we need this vent now the water heater is gone. We have an electric washer and dryer. There is an A/C vent in there too which sometimes gets condensation on it when it is very hot and humid outside (vent is immediately in front of door that has a doggie door leading to garage). Are we ok to remove the old water heater vent or do we need it because of moisture in the air? The condensation that appears on the A/C vent gives me pause to just cover up the other vent. One person suggested covering the old vent and installing a fan like they do in bathrooms but I really don't want that. My other option is to leave the vent and start the cabinets 6" from the ceiling. HELP! Any ideas? THANKS!!

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What does your local Building Department require for your area and how does the UBC apply to your situation? That's where you will receive the correct answers.

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