Washer Modification (not really)

mieleformeJuly 18, 2010

I was laying in bed the other night listing to the washer fill durring its first rinse when I got an idea. It dawned on me that the only time I ever hear our washer is when it is filling, draining, and spinning. The next day I thought IÂd try to see if I could reduce the noise from the incoming water. I pinched back on the flow for both the hot and cold water lines. It worked great! DonÂt get me wrong, the fill isnÂt disturbingly loud but itÂs very nice having it completely silent now. The only time I hear the machine now is when it drains and spins. Now, I did cut it back too much the first time and I got the water intake fault. But with a couple more loads I was able to increase it enough to prevent this and havenÂt had a problem since. The detergent tray rinses out thoroughly and the washer always fills to the appropriate levels. Sure it takes a little longer but you canÂt hear a thing. Another benefit to this is when others may be in the shower it doesnÂt consume all of the cold water and give somebody red ass. Just thought IÂd share. Now if I only I could silence the drain pump.

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I've found different types of intake hoses (braided, rubber, etc. can affect noise, and not having sudden 90-degree bends quiets things down too. On one old machine I had, I opened it up and put sound insulation around the drain pump. You may also be able to insulate the wall itself, or better isolate the washer.

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