Suzanne Somers and BHRT on Oprah

jasdipJanuary 30, 2009

Did anyone catch Suzanne Somers on Oprah yeserday? She looks incredible and she's 62! She is a little overboard with the amount of pills per day (42!)

She swears by a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy cream. Oprah had some people who were on last week and they were depressed, hot flashes, no ambition, skin problems, insomnia.

One woman from a city close to me was talking to her via Skype. After just 9 days using the BHRT she was a new woman. She looked and felt wonderful.

Since it's not FDA approved, there were some skeptics, but I'm just wondering if any of you had heard of this. I certainly hadn't.

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She's had a book out on this subject for ages. Apparently she has one doctor on her side, but there is not real evidence that it works in the first place. DOn't worry about FDA approval, what you want to see are serious scientific studies in reputable journals with peer review. None of which Ms. Somers has behind her.

Here's a news story on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: no magic bullet

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Suzanne Somers is quite a saleswoman, remember her commercials for Thighmaster? I would take anything she recommends with a grain or two of salt.

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I agree with Jannie.

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And don't forget all that plastic surgery is commonplace in the Hollywood set! There are so many actresses over 50 who have no wrinkles (wow...) - which would be impossible on anyone else who tans as much as they seem to! Botox is a regular feature with them. I have never been in the sun much (burn too easily) but I still have smile lines and I'm this side of 50. I am not against plastic surgery at all, but I imagine Suzanne has had her share.

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Good grief! I went and watched the video. Vaginal injections???

I'm only 4 years younger than her and she's been doing this for ten years! I've never taken a darn thing and I've managed to avoid her "Seven Dwarfs of Menopause" just fine. Sure the first year was a bit rough but given time many of us recover and get through Menopause just fine without intervention.

As for her face she looks like there has been some work done but even if not the guests on Oprah and most TV shows are spackled into youthful, flawless good looks.

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Suzanne has been on the bioidentical hormone bandwagon for quite some time, but now that oprah has had some shows on it with top gynecologists discussing it, i am intrigued. I know DR phil's wife is recommending them too. It is so hard to know what to do, but i have been thrown into early menopause by chemo and radiation, and regular HRT is not going to be a safe option for me, so definitely i think the BHRT may be the right thing for many women. Guess time will tell. Both DR PHil's wife and the oprah gynecologist have books written about this, so i am looking forward to seeing what they have to say.

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Bioidenticals are similiar to prescription hormones. The difference is that they are not just pure estrogen, they have progesterone and testosterone mixed in. They are custom made for your own particular hormone needs. Insurance doesn't cover them so they are very expensive. All natural compounds are not FDA approved, that's not a risk in my opinion.
The bottom line is that bioidenticals are still hormone replacement. If you need and can afford them they are an improvement to synthetic hormones.

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I saw it and also think Somers is a bit over the top. I'd throw up if I tried to down that many pills a day..even if they are spaced out.

I'm old enough now I don't need to worry about all this stuff, but when younger, I chose not to take any form of HRT.

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I like the concept of bioidentical hormones, but I'm sorry to hear that Dr. Phil's wife is recommending them. I'd find that a big turnoff.

PS: I'm a decade past menopause, which I got through with an herb or two and one successful visit to a homeopath. An unpleasant facet of menopause was the way my female physician at the time pushed HRT. I'm so glad I stood my ground and didn't take it.

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I am just beginning with the hot flashes and decided to try the Swiss natural hrt that you get in the drug store. One pill, twice daily. I managed to remember to take them 3 weeks in a row. I can't imagine trying to take over 40 pills a day! You wouldn't have room for FOOD. They're saying now diets high in fruits and vegetables help with the symptoms. Also a lot of soy, but I know I couldn't stomach soy and the way I remember to take pills, buying a bottle wouldn't help either. So, I figure rather than complain to my doctor (who only works 1 day a week so good luck getting an appointment to see her......) I'm going to tough it out. I have become a light sleeper. And for the first time in my life, I'm kicking off blankets in my sleep. The furnace is doing flip flops because I'm either melting or frozen. My husband just shakes his head, he knows better than to say anything LOL. I figure this is just nature taking its course and I'll muddle through it.

Let's have this conversation again in a year and we'll see if I managed? LOL I have been known to change my mind...

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Hi debby,
Let me know how the Swiss pills are working for your hot flashes. I've had the perimenopause in my 40' and then cold.
Now that I'm 52 I have the hot flashes. Some of what Suzanne said hit home. She mentioned the "seething". She mentioned seeing some underwear on the floor and would just seethe. I do this over some little things as well. DH looked at me, when she mentioned that. lol

But others have huge insomnia, depression etc. I don't have those to any degree, but the BHRT was still intriguing. Especially seeing that someone from Burlington ON had a remarkable difference and improvement in only 9 days.

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jasdip, I'll never know if they will work. I only took them for 3 weeks............ I used to be really good at taking vitamins but the last year or so I suck at them big time. Herbal medication takes weeks, if not months to fully get into your system, so I wasn't on them nearly long enough to know if they would make a difference or not. I guess only until I get desperate, I'll just let mother nature takes its course. I'm typically a moody person to begin with so I haven't noticed if I 'snap' yet or not. LOL As for depression, I have been a little lately but that's because I'm not working and home alone too many hours during the day. I can't wait to get back to work. I know it'll make a huge difference. I think......... :o)

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Eating too much soy can be harmful. I am supposed to limit my soy intake due to my thyroid condition.
This article explains soy's benefits and drawbacks. Scroll down to the bottom regarding menopause.

Here is a link that might be useful: Soy

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Thanks for giving us that link, organic donna. What an eye-opener!

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I have about 4-5 years before I am at the point of dealing with this. Not looking forward to it!


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I guess it comes down to what your beliefs, bodies and wallets are like! I'm 44 and havebeen taking Estrosense for about 3 months's not hrt, but just clears the body of all that extra estrogen that we get in our foods and makes our bodies out of wack (fibroids, irregular and heavy periods, painful breasts...all that pms stuff). At $55 cdn a bottle I was almost hoping that it wouldn't work. But I find a very significant difference after about 2 months of use. Who would have thunk it?!

As for vaginal injections...OMG!!!!

Suzanne IS a selling machine. I think its a bit creepy that she looks the way she does at her age. I'd be more inclined to trust her if she just looked great for her age...not trying to keep the 80's look forever.

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When I was thirty I had to have a complete hysterectomy and I was then put on estrogen, one pill a day, for the rest of my life. Even if you haven't had a hysterectomy you can take estrogen. Just get an rx from your dr.

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Jasdip, that "seething," which sometimes escalated into rage, was why I consulted with the homeopath. He prescribed a remedy that cured it. Since with homeopathy like treats like, it might amuse you to know the remedy was essence of pit viper. :-)

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alisande, I might just have to get the essence of pit viper! lol

When Suzanne Somers said vaginal injections, I'm sure she meant suppository cream. She also called using the cream on her arm as "injections" and she just squirted some cream from a syringe on her arm and rubbed it in.

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