Kenmore Elyte Oasis he TL he washer issues

sandra1949July 13, 2007

Under subject of posting-- Need a new washer--you can review my postings on my washer woes. I am asking anyone that has had this machine and dryer to let me know what there problems are/were and what response they have had from Sears as to doing something about it. Please give details. I am now on a mission to expose and shame SEARS for even putting this model out onto the market knowing all the issues with it. I also want to expose their dishonesty and lack of customer service. I need all of you to help me with this.

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I have this same machine and I absolutely HATE it. Just tonight I did a load on the gentle cycle and had treated a stain with Shout. The load finished and I notice that the blouse was still partially dry and the Shout was still there! I have had several times where I didn't think the item was even wet but figured it was my vision! I haven't called Sears because I thought it might be user error. However, at this point I'm about to give up. I read the manual and loaded items properly and Used the correct cycle, but I just don't understand why the clothes aren't even wet. I know this is not much help. Good luck with your machine!

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It is so funny that you say that you thought it was your vision. I too had the Cabrio without agitator and on the gentle cycle I experienced clothing coming out with the Shout still on it AND the clothing still dry where the machine had twisted it. I really thought I was crazy - as I never in life have seen clothes come out with dry spots on it after being washed!!!!

Return it while you can.

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Are the Cabrio and the Oasis the exact same machine? If so, I have to say that since I got mine in mid march I have had no problems at all with my Cabrio HE. It is probably the best machine I have ever owned. Previous to this washer purchase I always bought Sears. I did not go to Sears this time because I wanted a HE machine and the last two times they installed washers for me, they installed them incorrectly. Those machines were traditional TLers. I had to reinstall them myself!

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I'm glad it's not just me. I bought the pair in Jan. so don't know if it can still be returned. Now I have the dreaded flashing F44 code on the dryer. I called Sears service and someone will come Sat. to check that out. While making the appointment for the dryer, I asked the about the poor performance of the washer. The phone rep told me to use more cycles and rinse with warm water. How can that be effecient use of water and electricity?
Does anyone know what the F44 code on the dryer means? I'd like to be able to talk intelligently when the repairman comes! I'll keep you posted.

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Needless to say I hate my washer/dryer also. The service repair tech was useless, saying that is just the way these machines are. Yesterday, I washed some capris and cotton tee shirst on the casual wash cycle, reduced the spin cycle to low and the clothes came out just as wrinkled and twisted as always. I will be fighting with SEARS till the day I die on this one, since they seem to not care. Don't let the issue go, you need to fight with them and if enough of us do, hopefully they will make good on a very poor product they put on the market.
Good luck

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we purchased the kenmore elite oasis washer and dryer on 6-15-06. we noticed the dyer was running longer than we thought it should but was not sure being new to the unit. then the washer threw an f## code and we called for service. while there we asked about the dryer. service tech said to take steel wool to the sensor to clean it or just use the time cycle. new washer had to be took apart and fixed. the dryer got worse and sears finally exchanged it. the new dryer worked ok for awhile then started the same problems.sears exchanged again but said we would have to deal with service after that.washer is now throwing f51 code called service. both hood hindges on washer are broke so i had ordered new ones not wanting to wait on service or lose a day of work. while picking them up i went into the store to talk to a manager.i told him the problems i was having , and he was willing to exchange the washer.after an hour in the store and on the phone i find out the store my wife had puchased from was an independant sears store and not a corporate store so they could not exchange the washer after all. i would have to go back to the other store or wait on service.we are on our 3rd dryer and now having the washer worked on again for the 2nd time. 1-800 customer service has been awful and service managers will not return phone calls. customer service will set up service but will tell you it will be between 8:00 and 5:00 that day,not if it will be morning or afternoon. have had units 13 months can not seem to make it a full year without problems.

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I purchased my Kenmore Elite Oasis HE washer in October 2006 and had service calls in April and May 2007. Parts and service cost to Sears was $411.54 in April. In May, the second service call the service man agree that all the clothing was wrinkled. In fact my husband took pictures of the wrinkled clothes and the service man turned them into his supervisor. I have been writting to Sears ever since asking them to exchange the washer. Their reply was that I had only 90 days to ask for a return, not 6 months. They also tell me to load the clothes differently - does help, I need to iron all the clothes!! Sheets and towels come out twisted like a rag mop.

For 45 years I have purchased all my appliances from Sears but no longer - last month I purchased a dryer from another company.

During a visit to Sears store I noticed that they no longer have the Oasis on the floor! Tells me somthing! The salesperson on duty said there had been some issues with the model! No kidding!
I again wrote to the Service Dept. and they have replied that Our buying department has assured us that "Tthey are just carrying different models at this time. There has not been an issue with this product."

So Sandra 1949 I totally support you on your efforts to get Sears to pay attention to our complaints.

Keep me posted.

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Got mine exchanged after 1 year for a HE2T...

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hi there, i no longer purchase my appliances from sears, after waiting 3 weeks for a guy to come out and fix my washer, i have 4 kids under the age of 8 and let me tell ya what a pain in the ass. the sears service department was useless, and it turned out to be a 12 dollar part, it was excatly what my husband said was the problem that he could have fixed himself in 5 minutes. im soooo disgusted. i will be going to the brick for my new washing set as they will come out, drop me off a loaner machine and take it into the service guys shop for me. very dissapointing as sears for so long has allways been better but lately i dont know whats happening.

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I have the Oasis Elite He and have had numerous complaints too about how it washes our clothes. I've stopped the wash at different times through out the cycle only to see the water level below the clothes level each and every time. I never overload, yet it goes off balance more times than not. If there is something like a bathrobe in with other clothes, everything becomes encapsulated in the robe and then the massive lump goes off balance in the spin cycle. The clothes never clean or rinse through. If it is all small items, they are tied up in each other with massive wrinkles. I was told by the serviceman that I need to load differently and he told me that I need to read the manual for troubleshooting to my problems. They treat you like you are an idiot on the phone and in person. I am 15 days away from the end of my 1 year warranty and don't want to give them another cent to extend only to hear their condesending remarks. Frustrated and wish I had my old 15 year old washer back.

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The Oasis HE is actually supposed to have the water level below the top of the clothes. If the level is too high the clothes will float up off the impeller, and the wash action will be impaired. This is because the impeller has to push the clothes up through the center, and pull them down at the wash tub wall to circulate them through the water. When they do this they rub together in a kind of scrubbing action, and they get water pushed through the weave of the fabric to remove soils & pet hair. Loose soils & pet hair then get pumped into the space underneath the wash tub, and get flushed down the drain when the washer pumps out at the end of the wash cycle.

If your bathrobe is made of terry cloth like a towel, try using the "Sheets & Towels" cycle. I believe that this cycle has a higher water level to compensate for absorbent things like towels.

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We got ours April of 2006, the washer and dryer, many problems and repairs. We have the protection plan----they are taking them back and upgrading us to the HE5t washer and dryer.............should get them next week. Read your manual and call the Lemon number that Sears has in your manual..................

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my problem is the same...service calls after service calls...but sears doesnt want to take these machines back...i dont know if i should get a lawyers letter done and see what happens! im totally exhausted with this issue..My dryer with allthese f## codes parts changed ...theres gotta be a recall on these machines..i meen all you read about is problems with the machines..please help for all of you that actually did replace with something did you go about it..sears canada refuses to change because the 90 day period is over!!

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Read your manual and call their Lemon Law number.

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They took mine back after a year of fighting and now have an HE2t which does fine as I want no more dealings with Sears..Also while waiting I bought the Samsung VRT and love it..Got it from Lowes

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hi i called the lemon law number here in canada but doesnt seem to work here...ive been soooooo frustrated...i called customer service here in canada and they have me on hold for hours..nobody seems they want to pick-up!

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If anyone is having problems with flashing codes and tech support will not help and just want to send out someone to fix it. Try taking out the 3 screws that hold on the electronic display and you will find a tech sheet that will tell you everything that you need to know about any code and what to look for!!!!!!!!!

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Error Message F51 RPS. MPS. problems. need to recall

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Did they ever fix the issues with those machines after they lost that lawsuit or are they still churning them out with the defects?

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I don't find any info that a class-action lawsuit has yet been filed, so there's apparently no suit for Sears to have lost on the Oasis machine. A bit funny to me, the web site supporting the investigation of a lawsuit has a picture of an "old-style" direct-drive agitator toploader overlaid with "Error F 51" ... not a picture of an Oasis.

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The lawsuit was against whirlpool since they make the kenmore oasis. In fact there were a few different models mentioned in the lawsuit, including front loaders, which was a few years ago, if I remember correctly, but I could be wrong. Would't be the first time. LOL.

BTW...saw your oasis washing on youtube dadoes....nice looking machine...good vid. :D

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HappyMom, I don't have an Oasis (or a Cabrio, which would be the Whirlpool equivalent). If you're referring to the 5-part video, that's a Whirlpool Calypso, an entirely different machine, different mechanism, and different wash action than the Oasis/Cabrio. It's common that the two kinds of machines are confused. There *was* a class-action settlement on the Calypso, but for different issues than what's being reported on the Oasis/Cabrio. Calypso is not subject to F51 (RPS, Rotor Position Sensor) errors, it has a different motor that doesn't use an RPS.

And yes, the Calypso is a nice washer, I like it very much. :-)

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hello! This Washing machine AND dryer are a DISASTER! I have had the machine for three years and it has been non-stop issues with error codes and control panel defects. I just purchased another warranty two days ago and wanted to schedule a service appointment ~ was not able to have a service appointment for BOTH the washer and Dryer on the same day and time....they were a week apart...very frustrating. So with a washer that does not work (again) and a dryer that stops every 10 mins (again) I have finally given up and have decided to cancel the warranty with SEARS and driving to LOWES to purchase NEW and throw these KENMORE Elite Oasis out to the curb! DO NOT PURCHASE

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Browsing through old posts and found this and had to reply. We bought our Kenmore Elite Oasis set in April 2006. The dryer was the first to need repair. They replaced the control board. Dryer has never broken since though it doesn't sense small loads correctly and they will be damp after the dryer finishes.

The washer -- ugh. I can't recall the order but it's been repaired (ie we paid for the year long warranty 3x) for faulty control board, hinge snapped (rust and it did rust/fail again but wasn't worth fixing because it'd just do it again), faulty control board that locked my laundry in a wet tub for three weeks before the technician could get out and fix, and for the past six months it's been throwing the uL until finally no amount of begging, coaxing and pleading could get a cycle to finish. My husband has opened it up a few times trying to avoid calling the repairman because at this point we were fed up. We've had to repair these machines just about yearly since purchasing. Sears has refused to do anything but charge us for repairs or buy another year long warranty. That machine has so much rust throughout the insides I was shocked. The washers are absolute junk. Terrible design and Sears did nothing to make it right with those of us that were unfortunate enough to trust in their product and purchase one.

We will *never* buy another Kenmore product just because of how terrible their service has become. I can understand they goofed and had a miserable design. It didn't get tested enough before release. But there was no attempt at making it right with their customers. I called before we decided to junk this machine and all they wanted to do was charge another $230 for another year warranty. That would've put our total repair costs in the $600 range.

FWIW, we do know that it's an actual whirlpool product marketed and sold under the Kenmore name. Which is why I couldn't bring myself to even look at any whirlpool washers. I had my list down to two choices -- Electrolux and Samsung and opted for the Samsung because it offered more choices for less money. We are also far wiser...we not only bought a 4 yr extended warranty but I'm fully prepared to have to replace it in 5-6 years.

We didn't purchase from Sears either. :P

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