Need help with hot water heater

brenzo77October 11, 2011

I really hope somebody here can help me. A week and a half ago I woke up to no hot water. After doing a bit of research online I decided the replace the thermocouple on my gas hot water heater becuase the pilot light wouldn't stay lit. I don't know much about this kind of stuff but found step by step instructions online to fix the problem. I replaced the thermocouple and it worked. The hot water heater worked for about a week and again today I woke up to no hot water. The only thing I noticed that was different than before was that when I relight the pilot light the flame seems to flicker orange flames rather than the nice blue flame that I had before. I really don't have the money to replace the hot water heater right now. Any Ideas? Should I try and replace the thermocouple again? Could the pilot light be dirty somehow? How would I go about cleaning it if tht is the problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The cold showers are quite invigorating in the morning, but it's getting a bit old. Thanks ever so much for you help in advance.

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Does the pilot remain lit when you relight it? If so then I doubt it is the thermocouple.

Usually if a gas flame is orange than there may be some obstruction (dirt particles) in the gas line. This could be a coincidence with the thermocouple problem or your work may have caused this. This may resolve itself in time.

You need to think twice before attempting to did this on your own. If something is wrong with a gas stove you at least are nearby to shut it off if a problem develops. A gas hot water heater turns it self on and off. No one is around to turn it off if a gas leak develops. Do not dismantle your gas pilot connections.

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