Rust stains help please

deee_gwJuly 1, 2013

My teenage daughter works for a sailing center on the beach. Her uniform shirt is made from a polyester performance fabric and is turquoise. Her name tag is a heavy duty metallic magnet. Add salt water, humidity, perspiration and sunscreen into the mix and she has ended up with rust stains on the front of the shirt.

All the rust removing tips I can find seem to involve some type of bleaching. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove the rust without leaving the shirt with big white spots?

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Do not use chlorine bleach on rust stains.

Try lemon juice as a home remedy, or a commercial rust stain remover product from the grocery.

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This reminds me the story of a friend of ours who recently bought a beach house in Florida.
She bought a bunch of white towels for the beach house and put them in the washer to wash them with lots of chlorine bleach.
When she returned to the washer to put the load in the dryer
imagine the look on her face when she discovered that sometime during the wash cycle her brand new white towels turned day glow orange! Then ended up putting in some kind of iron removal system on their water supply which cured the problem. She was able to turn the orange towels back to white again by using the Iron Out product.

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