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powrusJuly 30, 2012

Our 2003 Whirlpool [front-loading] washer is having electronic/pumping issues and looks to be nearing a crisis point. I don't feel like making repairs myself anymore and a home tech repair will cost $75 before he even sees our machine. It doesn't seem economical to spend $200 + on this older machine which cost $900 nine (9) years ago.

JD Powers gives Samsung washers the best reviews, followed by LG and Sears Elite. This site appears to favor Speed Queen.

We have enjoyed the front loading aspect of this washer. Question: Which washing machine do you own and how satisfied are you with your purchase? What is the expected life of your washer?

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I own a front load Samsung WF331ANR. Very happy with our new washer. We've only owned it for a month. I think I'll be thrilled if it lasts 6 years...that's kind of where my expectations are at. I know I don't have high hopes but I've just gone through washer hell with my previous machine and right now it'll be a luxury if it makes it a year without breaking.

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Give Electrolux a look into, the WaveTouch line should be a fair comparison to Samsung.

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Thanks for the responses. After checking around today on the Web and via phone calls, I guess we'll look at the Samsung choices at Lowe's or Menard's or Home Depot. Once in the store, we'll also see some of the other options.

Lowe's is offering free delivery and free pick-up (old) and that's pretty tempting to someone 20+ miles out in the boondocks.

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i have the samsung 520 and it's a mixed bag. It gets the wash remarkably CLEAN, but there have been some issues such as multiple failures of the Pure Cycle cycle. The Normal cycle does NOT provide hot water no matter what--you have to choose Heavy Duty or some of the other cycles, to get hot water. Techs have changed the modules (ALL of them) several times, to no avail. the techs are just parts-changers around here. none of them troubleshot my problems. I give samsung an A- for the machine, in general, and service a D- (that's for multiple service calls)

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