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reeree_naturalJuly 28, 2007

I am wondering if anyone on here has the Laundry Pure by EcoQuest?

I recently purchased one, on my 4th day of using it. The first few loads, I wasn't sure how I felt about it and was thinking of sending it back. Some of our clothes smelled "out door fresh" and some didn't. When I spoke to the rep. she told me it will take a few washes to get all the detergent residue out of the clothes. So I put my loads through 2x's and to my surprise, they smelled and looked very clean. I am just curious if any of you are using it, I would like to know how you truly feel about it, especially using it longer than I have.

If you never heard of this product, it is a machine that is hooked up to your wash machine and there is no longer the need for hot water, detergent, bleach or fabric softener. It washes clothes naturally using silver technology, natural gases and oxygen. The silver technology kills 99.9999 germs and bacteria in your laundry. When I stumbled upon it and read about it, I had to try it.

any input would be appreciated!



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Try searching on it, there are several posts on it, some are quite recent. It is a hot topic, so be prepared to read some things that you may not like if you are a big fan.

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I have been searching for consumer reviews everywhere!! I only have 10 days before I can return it for a full refund..the only place I have read about it was on yahoo answers, a man posted and it is clear he wasn't impressed..any help would be appreciated!

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I meant to search on this site. Scroll to the bottom of the laundry room forum and type ecoquest (all one word) into the search bar, make sure you highlight This Forum. You will find three separate postings with many posts dating from June 19, 2006 to July 27, 2007. There is plenty of info there! I have read these in the past, but I don't have one of these so this is the most help I can offer. The posting titled Ecoquest Laundrypure from June 2006 thru July 3, 2007 has a ton of info in it. Hope you find what you need.

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Thank You!

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ok..I have read all the posts..geez! here is my story...I joined this forum to see what consumers were saying, not people who sell them. As I had one on the way I had a huge question mark if this product really worked. I am a natural cleaner, have been for years. My son has mild asthma and allergies, I didn't want chemicals or perfumes from cleaners in the house. So naturally when I saw Laundry Pure on the ecoquest site it sparked an interest. I have been using it now for nearly one week..honestly, the clothes smell like they were hung out side, they are softer and it has restored the color in some of my kids colored clothes. I too had a sour smell from my front loader. I always keep the door open after each wash to let it dry..I also use to run a cup of bleach and or vinegar every few weeks to clean it.

For my own curiosity, I left the clothes in the wash machine over night with the door closed.( Usually if I did this , they didn't smell to good and I always re washed it.) The next morning, it honestly did not smell.. My machine does not have that sour smell any longer since I have been using this product, and my laundry room smells clean again. My daughter was eating strawberries and got it on her white shirt, I put it in the machine with out a pre-treater and it was out completely. It is only my personal opinion, but I do like it. I am very picky on clean..I am not a big forum person, but joined to read opinions from those who use it, now I want to share for those who want some input if they wanted to hear from some one who is using it. Like everything else, everyone has their own likes and dislikes..what may be good for one, may not be for the other.
thanks all!

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Thanks for the great feedback. I too own a laundrypure and just like you said I like it a lot especially because of some detergent-related rashes I had in the past, now all gone. I am also a dealer selling this product as a side business. Since I might sound a bit biased about this, I want you to check out this 3rd party independent testing done by Fox 13 Channel in Tampa Florida.

Here is a link that might be useful: LaundryPure Testing by Fox 13 Tampa Bay TV Channel

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Hi Bill
Thanks for writing... I did see that video by Fox 13..

anyway, sad to say, I returned my laundry pure.. at first it really did take time to get use to the concept, I wanted to believe in it, and so I did..after having the unit for 4 weeks or so, the window fogged up with heavy condensation where you were unable to see the water flowing through. Surface dirt was not coming out on hand towels , and the worst, clothes were becoming stretched out. My daughters shorts were falling off her..they were not cheap either, as they were from limited pair of shorts for little kids were 36.00 to 39.00 each pair.

I called my rep and she told me she has never had these problems with her unit and unable to help me with returning it. I was upset, as it was very expensive and we had removed it. I wasn't going to just throw it in the I called the corporate office and they put me with the ethnic dept. I was very impressed as they were concerned and wanted to help. The did let me return the unit to them directly as they wanted to do testing on it..I was very pleased... with that, my rep emailed me and informed me they re vamped the entire unit, plus took the window out and lowered the price to 599.00 from 750.00 Now, it was clear they were having problems with this first unit that they made, and they all knew this before my complaint and return as changes were already in progress. I was not the only one who experienced these problems or ecoquest would not have recreated this machine. I am sure in time they will get it right, but until then I am using all natural detergent, no fabric softener and my clothes are clean and soft.. so there are ways to avoid harsh chemicals in our laundry and have clean clothes. It's a shame it didn't work out, for I loved the concept (if it would of really worked)
Good luck with the company, lets hope with their improvements and a lower price you will find sucess with ecoquest!

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This may well be the only review by someone who is not selling the product. Surprise - not a glowing review.

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I have been using two laundrypures for about a year-and-a-half. There is one in my home and one in Mother's. Both have worked very well but with some differences.

Her water is softened (82gpg, 4.5 iron) and mine is softened city water (12gpg and chlorine).

So far neither has used any detergents or hot water. These two represent a considerable savings in more than a couple ways. I won't go into all the energy and environmental benefits but they should be obvious.

The maker recommends changing the bulbs every three yearts and the silve probe every year. At about 14 months, Mother's water tube was turning green and she complained of odor in the water. I disaasembled and found the probe had completely dissolved. I changed it, the bulbs and soaked the tube with H2020 for about an hour. Reassembled and working perfectly.

Took mine apart and found the probe was complete except for a small amount of tarnishment. I replaced it and left the bulbs in. That never did go bad anyway, so I conclude the probe is vital to the operation.

No soaps and detergents and no hot water has been realized as the maker claims. But you should never mix colors and white, we still soak in a mild bleach solution before washing. Maker says to soak tough stains as if you were doing by regular wash.

I love the unit and would buy it again. Ozone has been used for decades in commercial laundry services. It is only recently that smaller units are good for residential applications. The unit must be maintained and will fail if not. I didn't experience the problems above either with the machine or the company.

Andy Christensen, CWS-II

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Have been using the unit since 2006 and can't say enough goo things about it. I was initially skeptical but decided to give it a try. Clothes come out clean and colors do not fade as thy once did. Common sense dictates when to use a pre-treater product just as u would if u use detergent.

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I've been using the LaundryPure for over a year now, so I can toss in my two cents of actual experience.

I find that my laundry comes out smelling just as clean and fresh as it ever did with soap.

Some colors are more prone to running than others. So I still use color catchers, and wash my brightest stuff together. This is the same situation I had with laundry detergent.

For really disgusting loads, I sometimes add a few drops of Miracle 2 soap - it feels good, psychologically, and is totally non-toxic.

Stain-wise, I still occasionally need to pre-treat (and I also use Miracle 2 for that).

I recently had the opportunity to wash a bloodied shirt and nearly all of it came out with just the laundry pure. A re-wash with some Miracle 2 spot-cleaner finished the job and got all the stains out. I imagine that other spot cleaners would work well, too.

Sometimes I miss the artificial scent left behind with commercial cleaners. My husband misses those fake scents, too. I solved that problem by simply adding a few drops of essential oil to the wash cycle. I get to enjoy scented laundry the healthy way, now.

I do not notice any static cling problems at all.

My clothes have no soap residue, and do not suffer from excessive wear due to harsh soaps.
I do not have to purchase special soaps or sprays (I use Miracle 2 for many other things around the house, so it is not an additional purchase in any way, and I only use it occasionally in the laundry).

It is an excellent choice for people with chemical sensitivities - all laundry chemicals are eliminated from one's clothing, bed and bath linens.

And I know I'm not adding unnecessary chemicals to the environment. And no more hauling of boxes and bottles of laundry detergents from store to home to recycling. It used to take me forever to get all the soap out of detergent bottles to make it ready for the recycle bin. What a waste of water and time THAT was!

While the machine takes some energy, I no longer need to expend extra energy on hot water to achieve germ-control in my laundry.

andy c, I really appreciate the maintenance tips. I like my machine so much, and you've given some great info to make sure I continue to enjoy it.

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