maytag bravos mvwb750wq does not destroy clothes

mara_2008July 23, 2011

The link posted (twice) in that thread gives clear proof that what the OP has claimed is not true. The reviews at that website are overwhelmingly positive.

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Home Depot - 81% would buy again (103 reviews).
Best Buy - 75% would buy again (40 reviews).
Sears - 68% would recommend to a friend (35 written reviews).
Lowes - 31% would recommend to a friend (16 reviews).

Sound like an OK machine, but not great. Majority of negative reviews did not think the clothes were clean enough and that they were too twisted/wrinkled.

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Exactly mara's point. It's so weird, to me, that someone would be so passionate about dissing something based on made-up opinions. It didn't seem this machine was super amazing but it won't eat all your clothes for lunch. Yikes.

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Well, from personal experience with a different Bravos model, I did find that it frayed the ends of the towels and was hard on sheets.

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I think I will comment here instead of original post. As a service technician; I know the new high efficiency top load washers can effectively wash & rinse laundry without damage just as any other. However,

any top or front load washer user will benefit from these simple tips.

*make sure it is installed correctly according to the manual.

*use a good high efficiency detergent in the right amount

*load correctly and don't overload. Use a laundry bag for tiny socks, shoelaces, thongs etc. Check pockets for coins, jewelry, keys, golf tee's, crayons, chewing gum, lighters, candy, mints, condoms, screws etc. etc.

*select the appropriate cycle.
Since the machine won't use nearly as much water as a regular top load washer, don't wash clothes laden with mud, grass clippings, mulch, manure etc. This stuff should be brushed, rinsed or shaken off first as it should with any machine, but you'd be surprised.

Be an informed owner, read the manuals, use with common sense / care and the washer will serve you well.

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Well said, dixie. I own the Bravos 850 and use it according to the manual. I've learned not to overload it with clothing, use the bulky or handwash cycles to get more water in the loads, and I always prepare the clothing properly before loading the machine. This means small items, camis, etc. go in mesh bags, drawstrings get tied, and pockets are empty.

I do think the sheets and towels cycles don't have enough water in the tub and I can see how items could get frayed when they rub against the other fabrics. I have found that the bulky cycle works for nearly all my loads. No fraying yet in the year I've owned the machine.

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