Grammy's In Trouble

mustangs81June 21, 2012

I have been taking care of the grands (5 & 7) during the summer. My daughter is very disciplined with their food; grammy not so much.

2 months ago I designed a sandwich based on Beau's favorite ingredients and now he requests a Grammy Sammy for lunch each day; today Lily asked for it too. Nutella

Honey peanut butter

Lingonberry jam

Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow sprinkles

Like I told my daughter...but it's on whole wheat bread! She is not a happy camper. I have offered other options but they don't want anything else.

*They do have to pay for the Grammy Sammy--Will that be Kash or Kisses? Fortunately they pay with Kisses and a hug for a tip.

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Um...Grammy...that's dessert! :)

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Oh I just bet DD is not happy!!! They go home with a sugar high.

Oh Grammy, you are in trouble.

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Oh, shame on Grammy. (grin)

Cathy, sounds like a great opportunity to start teaching them a bit about good nutrition. They're old enough to learn veggies/fruit/fish/lean meat = good, a bit of dairy is OK, & high sugar = only for a treat. With the obesity issue all over the news nightly, it seems, you could start a small garden with them (seems like I remember you enjoy gardening, right?). Might not be a good time to start a garden in Florida? Maybe, there's something you could plant - or, take them with you to the farmer's market & let them help pick out the week's produce. Explain you'd intended for the Grammy Sammy to be a treat not a regular meal item. Kids are smart. Make exploring healthy foods a fun experience. Have your lunch with them & eat the same things you serve to them. Be careful though - cause they ARE smart - they'll for sure try to manipulate you.

Our DS & DDIL are also strict with the kid's diets. We first started switching to organics so they could have a glass of milk at our house. I don't even bake cookies for them except Christmas 'cause their parents don't want them associating coming to our house as an opportunity for a sugar high. So, I've switched to having fun craft projects to do with them. Pinterest has been a huge help for me to keep coming up with new ideas. They are coming next on July 6 to spend a week. We're going on our first exended deep sea fishing trip with them. They are now 6, 9, & 11. Wish us luck!

BTW, the sandwich sounds pretty gross IMO. (grin)


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Cathy, You sound like the perfect "Grammy" to me. A little spoiling by grandparents isn't going to hurt. Not if the rest of their diet is well monitored by mom and dad.


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Thanks for the encouragement. It sounds yucky to me too but I don't have to eat it.

Barnmom, Hey that's it!! Beau is so nuts for desserts so I only do desserts for specials.

Their diet is very well monitored by mom and dad. That's what surprised me when Lily (5) asking for a Grammy Sammy, she always asks if there is sugar in "whatever" and she will opt for rolled up ham and cheese for lunch and a cheese stick over a Popsicle.

I admit I am trying to make memories and hopefully Grammy Sammys (Beau's name) might be one of them.

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Grammy, I agree with Ann T, their parents keep a tight rein on the rest of their diet, a Grammy Sammy isn't going to nutritionally bankrupt them.

Besides, Nutella is practically health food, didn't you see those commercials? You know, the ones that got taken off because the company got sued for false advertising, LOL. I do love the stuff, though. Peanut butter is actually pretty healthy, and there's the whole wheat bread...

Maybe you could skimp a little on the marshmallow fluff? (grin)


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Another one with AnnT. 'Every thing in moderation'.

I'll take your Grammy Sammy over what my dad's wife once made for my kids - grilled cheese on raisin bread. After that I sent food with them, lol.

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That's what Grammies are for -- to spoil the grands rotten. It won't hurt once in awhile.

Boy, does that sound gross. I never knew there was such a thing as marshmallow sprinkles.

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My grandsons have been treated with Gramma's brownies and ice cream for breakfast for about the last 10-12 years. They came to visit 3 or 4 times a year in their early years, less now that they are older (and they have always lived out of state). It started when I asked them once what they wanted for breakfast and that was what they said, jokingly. To this day I will have the brownies ready when they walk through the door and the oldest is 18. The older two have physiques to die for and are very much into eating well but they love this treat and I will continue the tradition as long as I am able. Their parents love that we have the special bond even though they don't offer it at home. In fact, they don't even ask Mom to make brownies because "they aren't like Gramma's", lol.

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I think it depends on the frequency of the Grammy Sammys. If it is a few times a year, there are no worries. My concern is your comment that you "take care of them" during the summer - how often do they have Grammy Sammys? Daily for weeks on end? That would be an issue for me. Once in a while on a visit, your daughter needs to lighten up.


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I agree with Caliloo--frequency is the question. I noticed you said he requests one "each day". I'm sorry--every day is too many Grammy Sammys. (And, BTW, I really LOVE the name!) When my kids were younger, they longed for those boxed breakfast cereals. Once a week, they were allowed a modest sized bowl of the "Saturday Cereal" of their choice. Maybe you could institute a weekly Grammy Sammy Day? Another day could be the day to "Grow Beau", and he can design a healthy sandwich based on his knowledge of what's good for him--ie, what grows bones, what grows eyes, what grows teeth...etc. Since kids live in the 'right now', be sure to check his muscles after lunch! :-p Perhaps there could be another one named after your grand daughter, too. It might be fun to play with ingredients that they like but that won't wig out their mom. And they still get your special treat once a week.

Good luck,

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I think that a grammy sammy once a month, ok. Every day, absolutely NOT!!! ;)

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I'm a grandmother and I don't understand why you would want to feed your beloved grandchildren something that is so very, very bad for them. Of course I feed my grandchildren some sweets sometimes. But that sandwich is overkill. And more often than once a year is much too often.

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I am not an expert in grandchildren or in nutrition, I am just curious.

I understand sugar is not good for adults, but is sugar that bad for general good healthy children (not considering dental issues)? I have not seen much medical information that sugar is poison for kids.

Isn't it true also that it has been proven that sugar causes hyperactivity in children is a myth?

As a child, I had sweets and candies in massive doses. Today as an adult, while I enjoy sweet treats, I have absolutely no craving for candies. I don't even use sugar much in my cooking, even health wise I have no issues in sugar intake. Put a box of chocolate in front of me and it will stay there for months.

Perhaps Cathy's grandkids' desire for Grammy Sammies is because they have been deprived at home?

Will deprivation in childhood resulting in lifetime of craving in adulthood?


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Sugar is bad for everyone. It just tastes good, and people equate it with happiness, but it's not good for the body. I also think that most people's bodies are so out of whack from sugar overload, salt overload, chemicals, preservatives, dyes, prescription medications and caffeine that it's hard to distinguish reactions between normal every day living. Even healthy/homemade eaters can't avoid these things all the time because they are everywhere.

I agree with the above that occasionally is fine, every day isn't. I'd be upset too if my kids ate a sandwich like that every day. Not just because of the sugar, but because healthy food then becomes harder to get them to eat because it doesn't taste as good as the heavily refined stuff.

I expect part of the appeal is because it's "forbidden" at home and that makes it a special treat at grandmas, and kids are smart and they know grandparents are the easiest to manipulate. :)

I have a huge sweet tooth now and I had an even bigger one as a kid. I ate plenty of sweets but I think most people's tastes evolve. I don't know many adults who eat candy like kids do, and I don't know many kids who will savor a gourmet piece of dark chocolate like many adults do.

That being said, I think you are creating great memories! One of my favorite memories of my summers at my grandparents were looking through their fridge for all the "good" stuff that my mom wouldn't buy us. But I promise they will remember more about "Grammy Sammy time" than they will what was in it.

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Yea! for Grammy! Be the grandma, spoil them, love them up and do your special thing with them. It won't kill them. I too was very regimented with my son, but I fully expected when grands kept him or other family members, because Ed was the youngest of six and I was next ot the youngest of six, our little fellas was near the end of spoiling for everyone. Their mom is going to have figure out, she'll really be outta of food control once they head off to school. That was shocking. She can only control what's in her hands. Let everyone else be who they are! Including you. Love you Mrs. Mustangs! Good to see you again.

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Isn't that what Grammys are for?

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Lucky grandchildren! My kids didn't have any grandmothers around to spoil them. One is too far away and the other one is severely disabled.

Nutrition is a balancing act. A few sweet snacks won't undo overall healthy eating habits. Make sure they get lots of sunshine and exercise, too. :)


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I also don't believe that sugar is particularly bad for you in itself, it's the amount that's a problem. However, it IS empty calories, with no food value. Everything in moderation. It's surprising the number of people who still believe that "sugar=hyper" thing, although doctors and studies by the bucket full say there's no connection. And the same people who won't let their kids have a cookie will let them eat squishy white bread, the nutritional equivalent of a Twinkie!

My girls had access to sweets their entire childhood. Amanda never cared much, Ashley loved them. She still does. They both grew up healthy and slender and neither have had a cavity yet, although both had wisdom teeth removed. The only time Amanda had health problems is when she decided to become a vegetarian, then she was sick all the time because she didn't like eggs, soy, beans or peanut butter and she's lactose intolerant. She had the most unhealthy diet ever, so even "healthy" diets can be unhealthy if appropriate nutrients are not being consumed.

the problem with sweets in kids that age is that it fills them up and there's no room for the good stuff. I still don't see a problem unless they've eaten it every single day for months, which I don't think has happened because school hasn't been out that long and so the "summer babysitting" has just begun. I also don't see how it's very much worse than peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. You can only get so much "stuff" inside two pieces of bread, so it can't be a large amount of each. I think I'd have a bigger problem if they wanted a bologna sandwich on Wonder Bread every day, all those nitrates and nitrites, fat, high fructose corn syrup, processed white flour and who knows what the heck is actually IN bologna anyway?

I know Cathy and I know how much she loves her grandchildren, so I'm assuming that they have fruit or cheese sticks or yogurt for snacks and/or breakfast, she's not giving them coffee for breakfast, that sandwich for lunch and Snickers bars for a snack. My grandkids have waffles or pancakes with butter and syrup for breakfast anytime they spend the night and that's actually pretty "junky" as food goes, processed white flour and syrup.

So, if it's going to go on daily for a long time, I still wouldn't forbid it, but I'd probably set some parameters. Either they have to eat an amount of healthy stuff first, or the Grammy Sammy is available only on certain days.

Enjoy your summer with them, Cathy. In 8 or 10 weeks, they'll be back to school and the school lunches, which are actually the work of Satan in most schools. Ugh. Now THERE'S some seriously bad food!


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One of my favorite Far Side cartoons is captioned 'Deer Grandmothers'. In it, an aged doe is handing something to a couple of little deer who are happily jumping up and down. She's saying, 'Yes, of course Grandma has a salt lick for both of you.'

I worry about the excess scrutiny that our society has, though, concerning something as private and personal as nutrition. Yeah, some kids are raised by ignoramuses and their teeth fall out by age six from all the sugar; other kids never taste candy. But you can make the argument that that's just the luck of being born in to whatever family you get. Some families gather around the tube to watch Jerry Springer. Others watch Nova. At what point, if ever, is it appropriate for outsiders to intervene? Michael Bloomberg can kiss my bordeline obese a**; I know 32 oz sugary sodas are bad, and I never drink them. I don't need some bureaucrat outlawing them.

The Food Police in NC recently took away a pre-K student's lunch made by her grandmother (the lunch consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich, potato chips, a banana and apple juice)--and then replaced it with cafeteria-prepared chicken nuggets.

But it was a government official, and of course they know best.

Here is a link that might be useful: food inspector fascism

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Amen Annie and Arley! Cafeteria food worries me. And it's my business what my son eats, not the school, not the government...


but don't get me started, it'll never end.

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Thanks again for the support, insight, and suggestions. I hope I am intelligent enough to know not to make a steady diet of Grammy Sammys and I do have healthy snacks and meals for them. Thanks to Annie and others for guidance, last year we started making homemade yogurt thinking they would be impressed with the process and eating yogurt they had a hand in.

Beau is big on broccoli, I had to laugh the other day when we went to Ruby Tuesday and Beau ordered broccoli as his side and he loudly instructed the waiter "and don't cook it!!".

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I happen to agree a Grammy should be able to spoil grandchildren with a Sammy. If it is indeed causing a problem I would wean off by making 1/2 a Sammy that they can have after they eat something healthy.

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I just turned on The Chew. They are talking about childhood memories of food. Mario share his memory of grandma making poached calves brains, which made them the weird kids in the neighborhood.

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"2 months ago I designed a sandwich based on Beau's favorite ingredients and now he requests a Grammy Sammy for lunch each day; today Lily asked for it too. I have offered other options but they don't want anything else."

Cathy - that made it sound like Beau was eating that everyday.

My parents were the day care for my sister's 5 children. My sister was very strict about what they ate - her husband even more so. My mom would feed them what the parents wanted. But Friday they would make a pie or dessert from something from the farm; rhubarb, raspberries, apples, strawberries, or cherries. They had to pick the fruit themselves; with help when they were toddlers. They assisted with making the dessert. Sometimes just playing with balls of piecrust while Gram did the work. They would get a portion after lunch on Friday and got to take a whole dessert home for the weekend.

That kept my sister happy and more importantly my mom out of hot water. (her words!) And the kids now grown were sad when my mom sold the farm 6 years ago. They had been taking their own children to Gram's to pick fruit and make a pie or whatever.

Next weekend we have a gathering and I will be bringing rhubarb and strawberries from my yard and we will make pies and crisp because this is an activity they associate with Gram/Great Gram.

Maybe something similar could work for you and keep your daughter happy at the same time. And these special activities will be memories the kids will cherish forever.

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Teresa, I agree, I overstated the situation. While Grammy Sammy is his daily response to "what do you want for lunch", I don't serve it everyday by any stretch.

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mustangs - you sound like a wonderful grandma. I have 9 grandkids and yes, I spoil them sometimes. I was just going to suggest (you may already do this), but my grandkids love things like mice made from hardboiled eggs, smiles from apple slices, frogs from grapes. I found a bunch of these type of things on the internet. Even though it's healthy, they think grandma is pretty amazing. :) Oh, and we do lots of pancake shapes--maybe not so healthy depending on the pancake but they love them.

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Well, I think your kids are lucky you honor their rules most of the time and the grandkids are lucky to have a special treat once in a while.

I have the opposite problem - the parents of my 2.5 year old grandson eat nothing but processed food, won't buy organic (although I did bully them into switching to organic milk for him). They never sit down for a meal, neither cooks, so they stand in the kitchen and eat -mostly take out or power bars or protein shakes. He doesn't have concept of using a fork/spoon...because they eat food that can be eaten with fingers. They don't heat up food for him - feed him cold mac and cheese. Vegetables are veggie chips (the kinds like potato chips from costco). Everything is loaded with sodium, nothing is in its natural form.

So he gets real food here several days a week and so far will eat anything I give him. I'm waiting for the day he says he doesn't like broccoli or asparagus. I'm afraid a grammy sammy here will likely be the paragon of healthy food because I can't feed him the junk that they do.

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I'm with AnnT on this one. When my mother was living she took great joy in taking care of my kids. I had one rule: Rules from my house were off when they went to her house. She fed them whatever she wanted. Mostly it was good nutritious stuff because that's what she ate. But she also wanted to spoil them a bit with ice cream and cookies and candy and whatever other junk. Believe me, they were none the worse for wear.

Although she absolutely loved every minute she spent with them, she was also doing me a huge favor by taking care of them for me. I would never have presumed to dictate what she could feed them! As you said Cathy, she had enough sense to give them plenty of good food and just spoil them a bit.

As a side note, she also let them play with a ball in the house, a huge no-no when we were growing up. Nathan used have this plastic golfing set. He would take the club and SLAM the ball down the hallway as hard as he could. My mother just laughed and thought it was adorable. She woulda killed me (and my sisters) if we'd done anything remotely like that.

My kids never came home and expected the same at my house. They understood. My house, my rules. Grandma's house, her rules (or lack thereof!)

Cathy - you've got my vote!

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I must need new glasses - I thought your title read "Germany's in Trouble", and I had thought they were doing so well lately. My maternal grandmother is from Germany, and maybe that's why I made the mistake. She used to make cookies for us when we were kids, but I did not particularly like sweets as a child. I liked to bake cakes as a child, but I did not like eating them. I just wanted to make them, decorate them, and then look at them. When I was a pastry chef in San Francisco, I ate very little of what I baked - I got tired of it from being around it too much.

Personally, I cannot imagine eating anything with marshmallow fluff or sprinkles in it, and the kids will likely outgrow it soon. I'm not big on peanut butter either, especially when it has anything sweet with it. I used to think that people craved things that they need, but that was before I learned about addictions.

Maybe you could try some variations of your sandwich to see what else they like.

At least Germany is not in trouble!


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OMG Lars! That is the funniest response I have read here in a long time! Germany!

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Cathy, you rock! LOL

I too try and interest my grandsons ( also 5 &7) in trying new foods. Their parents have fairly strict rules, especially our daughter and when I see them eating what I'd consider garbage( endless fries or chips) sometimes I'm perplexed. Nonetheless, I try and offer something new and slightly different. It's been successful, they've discovered new foods with us (older DGS is more experimental) so there is hope!

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I think my daughter would smack me if I fed her boys a Grammy Sammy! You are obviously making your grandchildren very happy so keep on doing whatever you're doing. Glad to hear you don't cave in to the demands for it!

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Enjoy your babies this summer!

I stay in trouble with my DD. Nothing's better than Cotton Candy Blue Bell ice cream!

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Bad grandma. How beautiful they are!!! Any pics of Lette?

Karen and I drove 8 hours to Charleston last year-75% of that time was spent talking about our grands.

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Babies are born with a craving for sweets......that's what makes them search for the source of their mother's milk. It's a method of survival of a species....mother's milk is sweet....sweet equals love and security....but then youbring to the picture HFCS....nd artificial sweeteners....and things are different.
I made a grammy sammy out of home made honey wheat bread....filled jelly roll style with peanut butter and grape jelly.

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What a pair of cutie pies! I offer everything but chocolate to my two DGS's. They'd be bouncing off the walls with Makayla's Banana's Foster French Toast. The good news is that mine don't seem to like sugary breakfast treats! LOL!

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Oh Karen, they CAN'T be that big already. Sigh. Like Cathy, I want pictures of them ALL.

Ellen, I figured at least that way she's getting banana, LOL, not straight syrup. That was made with butter, brown sugar and a banana, so I'm betting it was no worth than Mrs. Butterworth's. Sugar doesn't affect Makayla at all and Bud ALWAYS bounces off the walls.

Did I mention that I also made them mocha/coffee? (grin)


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Cathy, I am a bad Bubbe! If I have the kids then they have what they want after a semi, ok, decent meal. I know that you do the same.

We did talk about our babies for hours! Was it really only an 8 hour drive? ;-) I have some really funny pics, of that trip, that I need to send you...hilarious!

I just happen to have a picture of Lette (Scarlette) that was taken 3 weeks ago. She is the sweetest and happiest child that I have ever been around. She has been through so much in her short little life. Our special God was looking after this little one.

Linda, You're right! My babies were attached to me like white on sugar. Demand feeding was not a great time for me but they loved their Mother's milk, constantly, demanding and draining! ;-)

Ellen, I've seen your babies recently in a photo. Time passes way to fast!

This is Lette, my 3rd heart!

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Whoa! Way big picture. Sorry bout that! If you can view it it's way worth the trouble. ;-0 Such an amazing picture of my sweet one that almost didn't make it.

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Mustangs, I'm sorry--I also misunderstood how often the kids were getting a Grammy Sammy. If it's not an everyday thing, then I don't see the big deal. I agree with everyone who says that the rules can be bent a little, it's special Grandma dispensation. I do think that picking a day when they know they can expect a Grammy Sammy is a good idea--if they know that Wednesday is GS day, then they won't be asking for it every day and you won't have to tell them 'no' every day. Much nicer for everyone.

If children are never allowed to make their own decisions about what they eat, they'll never learn to make good ones. It's hard to learn to resist temptation when temptation is never allowed to be present. :-)

Have fun!


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What beautiful children! It's a wonderful thing being a granny!

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RR, she is absolutely beautiful, and what a happy smile. I love those two tiny little teeth in the front.

I'm sending lots of hugs to all three of your grands, and to Beau and Lily. Being a Grandparent is so much better than being a parent, we should have done this first!


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Karen, Lette is beyond precious and adorable. Wishing her only good health from here on out!

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Karen, Did you tell Lette she was going to Disney World to get her to smile that big?? What a wonderful gift she has been.

Annie, Alright, just for you I will go over to BeauLily's house and give them hugs. The things I have to do for CF friends!

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Thanks, Cathy, I know it's a hard job, but I appreciate you doing that for me. (grin)


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What beauties! Gorgeous.

Cathy, while you're there, unless you've already gone, give 'em an extra three or so from me. I love hugging! I smother my boy up every day whether he likes it or not. Babies need hugs. Even big babies like me!

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Mustangs, you sound like an awesome grandmother, and it seems like the idea of moderation has already been more-than-covered...but, I'll admit I'm a little horrified by the Grammy Sammy. I hate the thought of something like that ever being suggested as being 'real food' to a child. At least with pies and cookies, there's the acceptance of the sweet being dessert, not the main course! Maybe they can split a Grammy Sammy for dessert if they eat some meat and veggies first?

My reaction is likely so strong because I'm currently struggling with being disciplined to eat healthy, and part of it goes back to my years eating sugary cereals and pop tarts, mac & cheese, and occasionally 'making memories' by getting a DQ Blizzard instead of a real supper (and my family usually cooked and ate at home! it could have been so much worse!). My view of 'treats' and how often they're appropriate got a little skewed. Eventually I realized that eating like crap made me feel and look like crap (and what kind of treat is that?), but even though I know better now, old habits and accustomed tastes are hard to beat down.

So, I love the suggestions that have been made to make memories, and share healthy habits, by making healthy food fun. Have you seen Molly Katzen's cookbooks for kids? Supposedly kids are more likely to eat food they've had a hand in preparing (even if it's good for them).

Here is a link that might be useful: Mollie Katzen Kids' Corner

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Lovely Lette makes me laugh!!...How can you not when looking at that smile!

Grammys can make special treats that can be memorable without totally sapotage healthy eati ng..
Remembering one time my Meggie and I were going shopping, and I was to pick her up at dance practise for the BIG RECITAL. She had been dancing for maybe 3 hours and we were going to lun ch but she couldn't decide where she wanted to go. She thought maggie Moo's but wanted a hot fudge sundae but didn't think she could eat a sandwich AND a sundae. So I said why don't we just have sundaes for lunch? She said..."Oh! Grandma....could we DO that?'...I told her.....when you are with Gramma, anything goes and we won't tell your mom!

Another time I had he younger brother on a shopping trip and we stopped at T G I Fridays for lunch. He wanted a delux 1/3 pound Burger with bacon...yadda yadda....and he asked for onion rings.....the waitress said "you want fries with that"....and he blinked....I said why not....he said Mom says I can't have both....I reminded him that I was not his mother! He had both....ate every bite...AND pie. He's a swimmer and swims 5 miles before breakfast every day....needs the calories!

Grammies are for spoiling kids with small indulgences!

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Oh, I don't know. The sandwich here is peanut butter/nutella and jam/marshmallow fluff/sprinkles. It is a pb and j, essentially. PB is a plant based protein. My 3 kids had or could have had pb and j every day. My 3 kids are great adventurous adult eaters, slender and healthy. We don't eat fake food or junk food, other than pb and j! Marshmallow fluff is no worse than jam,-all carb, no benefits of fruit. We never had marshmallow fluff, but we did have jellies. Dh has pb on apple slices.

My nuclear family has absolutely no desserts. Never have candy in the house, no desserts. Treats, per se, were not food oriented. No juices, except for oj, -just milk(cow's) and water. Apple juice, feh. Yes red meats, white meats, lots of fish, veggies, grains, little fat-but yes to cheese and dairy. My only grandchild, 12 yrs., eats every fish/seafood, incl mussels! Lots of animal protein-cell builders. I think it's important to 'raise up children' with attitudes which will keep them slender and fit. Never food rewards. (It's easy to train a kid to be a glutton)

I spoil my grandson by paying him exorbitant money for doing household jobs for me. $20 bucks an hour, or more! But I'd spoil with junk food, too. He makes healthy choices on his own, but that's his parents' doing,-I can't take credit for that.

Except for me in these senior years, my family and extended family are all slender, not just average, and mostly athletic-marathons, triathlons, runners, tennis, etc. A 'full bar' is foreign to us, wine yes.

My kids never ever had to clean their plates. They stop eating when they're no longer hungry or full enough.

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Nutella contains a negligible amount of caffeine, and the whole sugar high myth has been disproved, so you shouldn't worry about them getting hyper. Grandma's are meant to spoil, and I'm sure it's no worse than some other desserts. It's actually quite creative!

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Lindac, you make me laugh!

This morning I cooked red beans with some awesome sausage...took about 4 hours of watching and stirring. Brought it over to the Grands to have a healthy meal. Guess what? They ate the sausage, out of the dinner, then had a peanut butter sandwich. I can't win for losing! So I'm not gonna try to feed healthy anymore. Mommy and Daddy can make sure they eat what they should eat.

We had Salted Caramel Vanilla ice cream on a stick for dessert!

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Salted Caramel Vanilla ice cream on a stick for dessert I'll have some of that!

Westsider, Beau is a skinny boy and I do reward him financially. He and Lily are kitty and house sitting for me this week while we are in Colorado and I pay them handsomely. I hire Beau every year to be a foul ball retriever at our softball tournament (.25 @ ball). He will say "Grammy, that's 10 balls you owe me $2.50"; he will calculate and report back how much I owe him. He is a very hard worker and it not hard to pay for his services!

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LOL, RR, that's what Bud would do too, Makayla loves beans, she'd pick out the sausage!

I don't see anything wrong with a peanut butter sandwich anyway. Whenever I cooked something Ashley didn't like she knew there was peanut butter in the cupboard. She always had to eat some of the vegetables, I never cooked a whole meal she didn't like any part of, but if she didn't want spaghetti or swiss steak or whatever, that was fine. Peanut butter was right there, she could make herself a sandwich. I refused to be a short order cook.

she's an adult, a mother, has a responsible job and a beautiful baby and she's perfectly healthy, so I must not have harmed her too much!

the ice cream? To heck with the kids, I'll take that myself!


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