Miele's washer door...right hinged.

designergreyJuly 11, 2011

So as I am doing my review of several laundry brands I kept seeing everyone's post about how the Miele washing machine is fixed hinged on the right hand side. For all of you that have the typical laundry configuration with the washer on the left and dryer on the right, having the doors meet in the middle...

do you find it bothersome. It just might be a deal breaker.

My laundry room isn't all that deep so I was just wondering if it is a problem.

Why are they made to open this way. Especially if the W4800 series is specifically for the North American market. Don't most laundry rooms have the washer on the left and dryer on the right?

In my case the dryer has to be on the right or I would just flip flop them.

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I've had W/D configurations both ways in a variety of residences. My old TL was W on L and D on R, as are the hookups in this home.. Our new Mieles are reversed, but it has not posed any problem. The doors open away from each other (dryer door is L hinged) and the hoses are plenty long enough.

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Typically, door hinges left-right aren't the problem....just a matter of familiarity.

Problem with many (most?) US install locations is position of the dryer vent hook-up location of the structure. For example, where I live, many laundries are closet locations with a relatively tight fit for the machines. Dryer-left install would make access to the vent in the structure -- which is on the far right of the closet -- more-or-less impossible.

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"Dryer-left install would make access to the vent in the structure -- which is on the far right of the closet -- more-or-less impossible."

@asolo brings up a good point. If I ever have to move the washer in order to clean out or even access the dryer vent 'hose', it will be a beast to move. Am keeping my fingers crossed . . .

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In my laundry room the dryer vent is to the right, but we placed the dryer on the left and the washer on the right due to the doors opening the way they do. The drain and water lines are long enough to do that, you just need to run a slightly longer vent from the dryer. No big deal. Is that not possible in your situation? I would not want both doors to open against each other, it would make for a difficult time transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer. No thanks.

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Well, in the realm of "anything's doable" I suppose I could figure something out. That would be running 4-5' extension and adding two 90's in a 3" gap. Would have to be one of those periscope affairs or custom-built. Access to the duct for inspection/cleaning would be blocked by a multi-hundred-pound washer.

Maybe when my Duet Pair packs up I'll reconsider.....except I'll be older, crankier, and less flexible then.

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I don't think I could make it work and be satisfied with the way I would need to work around the doors. My laundry area isn't all that deep so the space I would need to move the washer and dryer out to accommodate the dryer vent would put the doors too far out to maneuver around and not be up against the wall opposite the washer and dryer when trying to load unload and fold. Its just not worth the hassle. I contacted Miele and from the response I got I don't think they consider it a problem worth fixing. So I guess it's back to the drawing board.

I was looking at a new Kenmore's with a color touchscreen. I'm not sure I am willing to make the leap of faith to having ALL my controls rely on one touch screen.

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