Placing furniture in front of wall vent

spudishOctober 22, 2012

Hello. I have a heating and cooling register on a wall in a room with limited wall space for furniture. I would like to place a solid buffet on the wall which would block the vent. Is there a way to divert the air from this vent upward by about two feet to reach above the buffet? I really don't want to hire anyone to physically move the vent...mostly because he just left after doing lots of work for a remodel. :). Any ideas? Oh, we have gas forced air...

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Is it a register, or a cold air return? (ie, does air come out, or get drawn in?)

Maybe the item I've linked to below would help. You're right, it's not ideal to do what you're proposing, but this may work for you.

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It is a register, air blows out of it.

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I couldn't see the link Alan, did it come through? Thank you!

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maybe a diverter would work.
something like this:

otherwise don't put furniture in front
of supply..or return.

best of luck.

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Whoops, my bad. Energy rater linked to the exact same site.

I've seen the odd diverter in places like Home Depot, but that site has a huge range....

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