crosspost: riftsawn over radiant, or must use qtrsawn?

huangoOctober 3, 2012

Crosspost on FlooringForum:

I am putting radiant heating under my wood flooring for kitchen and livingroom (and familyroom but that�s tiled).

My 1976 house in MA doesn�t have central AC nor dehumidifier.

So humidity level goes from 20-80%.

I want to go with 3" wide �" thick ALL rift sawn white oak.

Do I have to go with quartersawn white oak for increased stability?

Here are 2 samples next to my cabinet doors. These planks has 1 coat of walnut stain but NO poly yet. Just a sample.

Left = quartersawn (see the flecks or tiger-wood-ish graining?); Right plank = rift sawn.

Reminder: base cabinets = black-brown; peninsula and uppers flanking hood = white

I think I want all riftsawn, because I really like the straight graining of the rift sawn.

I see the flecks of the qtrsawn as flawed or damaged/marred wood flooring.

Or am I missing something, because the lovers of quartersawn would think I�m crazy to not want qtr.

(when the sawns are bundled, usually it�s only 20% qtr and 80% rift. People buy more boxes just so that they can have more of 50%/50%, leaving some of the riftsawn aside/throw out).

Am I over analyzing this?

Thanks for any thoughts,


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Amanda ,
Find a truly qualified Area professional and tell him what you want . He should do a heat loss analysis of the area(s) you want radiant floor in and he will be able to tell you what the surface temps will be . The hardwwod floor guys like to blame radiant for all their shortcomings . I have both variants of differing species of wood in homes around NJ for decades now and all are fine . If the wood is in the home for a long enough time to acclimate you should have no problems unless the radiant designer / installer allows the surface temps to get too high . The key is to find the right man , those who do alot of work are not always that man . You wqant a guy who can give you references from customers who's job he did many years ago . Hope this helps

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