Miele W4240 floor model fair price

PortagoJuly 23, 2011

Does anyone know the dealer "cost" of a Miele W4240?

I inquired about a floor model since it's now discontinued, and they were telling me that Miele buys it back for full cost. I then asked if they could sell it to me for the same price since I already bought a DW from them.

So does anyone know what that price should be? (Keep in mind it's also scratched on the side) 30% off, 40% off?


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I don't know about US but here in Canada Miele sells "B" grade items at their warehouse for 40% off. They also sell other items like "out of box", "A" grade, etc for different discount levels. But something with minor imperfections would typically sell for 40% off.

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Thanks a lot, that's great info. I'm sure the markup is pretty much the same in the US.
Do you how much is the typical discount for an out of the box item? (just curious for the matching dryer seating next to it).
Thanks again!

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I believe it would be about 30% (their standard discounts seem to be 30%, 35% and 40%).

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