New Samsung WF330 Washer & Dryer

jetcityJuly 10, 2010

This is my first post but I've been reading the forum for a while. I've learned a lot from all your posts (thank you) and finally made my decision to make the switch to FL machines :-) I decided on the Samsung WF330AN (4.3 w/heater but no steam) and the matching dryer.

My new set was delivered yesterday and so far I love them! I purchased them at Lowes over the holiday weekend for $562 each with a price match and an extra 10% off. The delivery guys left the shipping bolts in place while they brought them in and did tell me to leave the door open after a load and wipe the seal off.

I've done 5 loads since yesterday and I really like all the options and settings. The washer had no vibration and was super quiet throughout the whole cycle. My clothes came out clean, fluffy and smelling wonderful. The dryer only took 40 mins to dry a large load of towels. My old dryer took 2 hours to do that.

I have hard water so I'm trying to figure out the correct amount of soap to use... I bought a box of gain powder and used half of the scoop for a large load and didn't see any bubbles. I also ordered some persil but haven't received it yet.

Thanks again for all the info on everything laundry :-)

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I looked at those machines the other day and I must say I was impressed with them. They are a lot of machine for the money. Thanks for letting us know you are happy with them!
Persil will work wonders with those Samsungs.

You could also order some STPP to add to your detergent. It will make it work better. STPP works as a water conditioner that allows your detergent to work better. You only need a teaspoon or so of it for each load.

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Thanks for your feedback. I've just added the Samsung WF330AN back to my short list. Some questions:

1. Did you have to wipe the door seal to remove standing water?
2. Is the dryer quiet too?
3. Did you buy Lowe's extended warranty?

Thanks so much! Enjoy your new toys. :)

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dualref -Thanks for the tip on the STPP. I read about it here and wanted to get some but is there anywhere you can buy a lesser amount than (was it 50 lbs)?

ubercool - There were some drops of water (not a lot) after 3 loads. It only took a minute to completely wipe it.

I went from a 14 year old Whirlpool dryer... and compared to that it's very quiet. The dryer doesn't make any high pitch or annoying noises. Really, the only time I noticed the dryer running was when I had a load of jeans in it.

I did buy the Lowes extended warranty. 5 years on the washer and dryer for $89.99 each which I thought was pretty reasonable.

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How much water did you see in the drum of the washer when you were washing? What do you think of the diamond drum?

You can buy STPP from The Chemical Store in a 5 pound bucket. The cost for shipping is the same as the producr. The total cost is about $25.00.
But this 5 pound bucket will probably last you 3-4 years. You can also use 1 tsp in your dishwasher to boost performance. I have found that you can even get good results from a cheap DW detergent by adding STPP.
Here is where you can buy the STPP:

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Hi jetcity, thanks so much for the inside dope. :D

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I don't know where I got that 50lb figure... LOL! Thanks for the link :-) I think I will order some and add it to my d/w too. I'm in WA state where they banned phosphates in our d/w detergent.

It looked like the water level was at the bottom of the door although it's a little hard to see because the doors are tinted (I kind of wish they were clear). I'll pay closer attention next time I do a load. The clothes were definitely soaking wet. I did one load of king size sheets and a thin blanket and chose the "bedding" setting. It was a longer wash time and the sheets didn't get balled up at all.

The diamond drum and paddles are very smooth. I don't think I have to worry about clothes getting snagged.

Question: I like to use vinegar in the wash. Should it go in FS or the bleach dispenser? What's the difference? The manual says only use FS in the FS dispenser...

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I just got this washer today. Didn't get the dryer - I couldn't justify replacing my very functional though ugly and scratched up Kenmore.

So far, I'm really liking the washer. Of course, I've only done a few loads so far. Everything seems to be nice and clean.

I'm nerdy enough to admit I sat on the laundry room floor for a few minutes to watch the first load washing. Yes, with my face like an inch from the door since they're tinted. I was washing my children's bedding. At first I was concerned because it didn't seem like my son's quilt was getting wet all the way through. But the washer adds water a bit at a time - like it adds some, does a few tumbles, and then adds some more. Within a few minutes there was enough water that everything was wet and there was a pleasant "slosh" sound. (I'm weird - I love that sound.)

I got mine via Best Buy online for $611 - free shipping and install. The installation guys were friendly and very efficient.

I left the metal wrench that comes with the set (to remove shipping bolts and level the washer) on top of it during my first load to see if there was any vibration - nothing. I definitely don't think it's silent, but the sounds I hear are the motor (slight humming), the water pump on occasion, and a slight and lovely sloshing sound when the wash cycle really gets going. I have noticed a little water in the seal after each load - won't be a problem to get in one swipe with a microfiber rag when I'm done for the night.

Got a load of whites (towels and washrags, mostly) in there on Sanitize now - I'm very eager to see the results.

I didn't get the extended service contract. I generally don't - my experiences with them in the past have not been pleasant. I'll wait through my 1-yr parts & labor warranty from the manufacturer, then I'll add the washer for $5/mo to my service contract through my gas company. I have been very pleased so far with the service calls I've had through them for my range and dryer.

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