Help- new front loader leaves clothes linty

azgirly82July 11, 2012

Hi everyone,

I purchased a Samsung washer two weeks ago, model WF405ATPAWR. I had a top loader that would not clean whites and I needed a new washer. If it wasn't for the lint I would be very happy.

I installed the washer in my second floor laundry room. It cleans well but leaves clothes very linty. I tried the separate settings but clothes are still pilling (quick wash, delicate, etc). Could be because of the peedspray??? maybe the jets are too rough??? or do I have a bad machine and need to exchange it??? i need something that has a heater and that I can install on a second floor.

It is also walking a little so I have to call Lowes again. My biggest concern though is the lint on the clothes. Other than that my clothes feel extremely soft and smell fresh.

Thanks in advance!

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I forgot to add - while the clothing is very linty, the dryer has almost no lint on the lint screen at all (as compared to my old washer which would not leave any lint on the clothes but the dryer would have a lot of lint on the screen).

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correction- its called speedspray not peedspray lol.

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"It cleans well but leaves clothes very linty. I tried the separate settings but clothes are still pilling ..."

There is a difference between linty and pilling. Are both happening?

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With front loading washers there are no lint filters. The lint removal is left to the dryer to perform.
One reason you may not see as much lint in the dryer screen is that FL machines are much gentler on the clothing with the wash they wash. There is less wear while washing, hence less lint in the dryer.

How do the clothes look coming out of the dryer?

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If you wash clothes inside out (then turn right side out to dry), that should help with the pilling. I don't know if that would help with the lint, or not. It might.

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Both pilling and lintiness are happening. The clothes come out of the dryer looking faded and with fuzz on them, some clothes have threads pulling through them. I can put brand new baby wear in the machine and it comes out looking a couple of months old (albeit clean).

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What detergent are you using? Have you adjusted dosage since you have gone from traditional TL to FL? Does the pilling and wearing out happen on cycles or just some? What water temperature are you washing in? Do you have an option of adding more water to your wash? Do you use the additional rinse option? Have you checked if your hoses are connected correctly (cold wash and hot rinse could lead to clothing damage)?

As you can see, there are a lot of variables that could affect the performance of your washer. Start by checking the hoses and then let us know more about how you do your laundry and we should be able to help.

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Photographs of the clothing would be helpful. Hard to image the SpeedSpray would be causing the pilling and lint. What do your loads consist of? Are you mixing clothing that could be detrimental to your more delicate fabrics, thereby causing the pilling and lint? How full are your loads? Is there enough room to allow of the washing action of a front loader to proper occur? Have you checked the inside of your washer to determine whether there are any areas that might be causing accelerated wear on your clothing? Is there a paddle with an area on it that isn't finished properly? What is the quality of the clothing that is exhibiting the pilling and lint? My wife purchased a top for our granddaughter and within one wear it was exhibiting pilling and it had not even been washed yet.

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@izeve and @fahrenheit 451 asked good questions.

Mechanical stuff aside, could you be using a powder detergent in COLD water, that is not dissolving thoroughly? Some washers don't heat the water unless it is on Sanitize, etc. Most washers use so little water, that often the HOT never reaches the washer unless the water line is 'primed' by drawing up HOT water in a nearby sink. It is entirely possible that if you're using powder detergent, and you have these variables, maybe this is part of the problem.

I have noticed pilling on a few knits, but they're mostly cheaper stuff or knits with CoolMax. (I do not toss in bath towels with knits.) Sheesh, even the 100% cotton pre-folded cloth diapers we use for dusting & housecleaning are pilling. Go figure.... cotton is not supposed to pill.

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Despite what you may read about front loaders being more "gentle" on your clothes, the mechanical action inside a front loader actually causes more contact between fabrics than in a top loader. In a top loader, the agitator causes most clothing damage and the absence of an agitator is what most front load manufacturers are referring to when they say their machines are more gentle. However, front loaders increase the amount of surface area of your fabrics that are exposed to abrasion or friction with other fabrics. In a top loader, more water separates your fabrics so they are somewhat cushioned from rubbing against each other.

This is why it's important to turn items susceptible to pilling inside-out before washing. You should also wash like items together.

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