Super Large Miele Alternatives

cyberspacerJuly 22, 2012

Since Miele has discontinued their super large capacity laundry set with gas dryer option, are there any informed opinions out there as to what would be a 2nd best choice?

I absolutely love their laundry, but as I plan on moving into an apartment that probably only has a gas dryer hookup, Miele would have to be excluded altogether as their remaining product offerings only offer a 220 volt dryer.

Capacity is not as important, but fabric care cycles, delicate and hand wash cycles as well as an internal water heater are.

My family (pre-Miele) has had top of the line Kenmore and Maytag laundry in the top loader days, so I don't know if these companies offer a good quality, effective fabric care and washing system.

Any input would be appreciate.

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I know Electrolux has a line of large capacity washer/dryers and is gentle of clothing. No personal experience in that department. The only thing that I've heard as far as cons would be poor durability. I have a Samsung but it's not what I'd call super capacity. I went from a 4.9 cu ft monster machine that was terrible at cleaning and rough on clothes to a 3.7 cu ft drum that's far more gentle and cleans far and above the other, but I cannot fit my king size comforter in that drum. Not even close, but this comforter is like a stay-puft marshmellow with a big quilted top.

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