Carrier Infinity T-stat Question-Filter Used %

goddiOctober 5, 2008


I just had a Carrier Infinity system installed with the Infinity T-stat. I am trying to learn/understand its functions.

When I try the Check System Status, it shows "Filter 80% Used". It has only be a couple days of use. What is this telling me??? I reset it back to 0% today so I will see what happens later. But what is this suppose to tell me and why would it say 80% with a brand new filter??? I happened to come across this 80% figure when the installers were here but, then, I could not relocate where I had come across it, so he went in and reset something...apparently not the Check System Status setting.

Thanks... Gary

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Can you see what the static pressure of the system is from the control? I'm not very familiar with Carrier's Infinity system (pros on are, if you care to register there and ask--I vaguely recall a similar question to yours), but I wonder if it has something to do with the TESP (total external static pressure) of the system.

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Yesterday, I reset the "Filter 80% Used" back to 0% and, as of this morning, it has stayed on 0%.
Here are the readings with the heat pump (on heating):

Airflow CFM=923
Blower RPM=517
Static Pressure=.16

Airflow CFM=1528
Blower RPM=829
Static Pressure=.38

Maybe the 80% was there during installation and needed to be reset to 0%???

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Static readings are fine. Must have been a glitch or something. Check the progress over the next month or so. I assume this is a media filter.

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Thanks... I'll report back if I come up with anything.

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I called Carrier today to see if they could explain some settings on the Infinity Controller, but they don't have any technical support people!! They said to call my installers. So I did and they have the "Presidents Award" seal. So you would think they could answer my questions.

I asked them what is the difference between the "Filter Used 80%" figure (which I reset to 0% a couple days ago) and the "Filter 3% Used" I find under Advanced/System Maintenance.

He thinks the "Filter 3% Used" relates to 3% of the 6-month reminder period. But has no idea why the system would have show "80%" or how it relates to the "3%" figure of what the "80%" is telling me.

I was also told somewhere that the controller will detect when the static pressure at the media filter gets too high and notify me so I can change the filter. But he did not know much about this. Any ideas about this function??? I'd like to have the 6-month notification AND an indication of the static pressure at the filter. Is this possible???

The installer said he will get back to me. But I wonder if anyone out there can explain these issues to me.
Thanks... Gary

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