Does Anyone Do Chair Rails in Rooms Anymore???

boystownOctober 9, 2006

My home is an old 70's Rancher in a great neighborhood. Through the years, we continue updating this house and it is cozy. However, the main living room has a chair rail and I don't see many homes with chair rails anymore. If you have a room with a chair rail I would love to see pics as I am trying to come up with a new color scheme. Right now, the upper wall is a gold color and the bottom is a dark green. My carpet is a neutral beige, sofa/chair is camel/tan leather, 2 wing back patterned chairs in greens, golds, beige and a very dark red. I just need some help with color, please. Thank you

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We used chair rail in our new kitchen and I really love the look. We're going to use it in a bathroom and bedroom remodel as well.

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karenforroses: WOW, your room is stunning. What color is this? It appears that you used the same color on the upper and lower wall---is this correct? Thanks

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I have them in my dining room and foyer - I love the look! I think it is a classic that will never go out.

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gagesgranny, Thanks. I'm so glad you like it. The top is Basic Khaki and the bottom is a custom mixed bisque that was matched to our bisque kitchen cabinets. I love the soft, subtle difference. Here's another picture of the walls with the cabinets.

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I love chair rails and have been adding them to each room as we make our way thru our house.

Be Safe, Rach

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I too, love chair rails. I especially like them 2/3 of the way up the wall, with the top wall painted the same as the ceiling. I think it makes the walls look taller.
The wainscoting shown in the above posts is beautiful.

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I too am wanting to do chair rail but for the kids rooms and I absolutly love those photos so much maybe I should do it for my dining room too. To me it's a traditional classic look but my house is medeterranian style so I don't think it necessarily goes with my style but I love it and am seeing it more in more in Pottery Barn cataloges so I don't think it's "out".
My son really wants a red room. I can't paint an entire room red, it would drive us all nuts and probablly not help to calm him down. But I was thinking of doing red at the bottom and then 2/3 of white to tone it down with navy blue accents. Is red just too hard of a color for bedroom? I could also do navy with white and do red accents if it's too much (like the drapery and picture frames).
The two kids rooms have a hallway that runs between them with a bath in the center, would you copy the chairrail then for her room too? I wanted to do a light fresh stem green color in her room because her chair, bed, drapes, rug are pink.
Thanks for any input on how to pull this off.

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Here's a picture of my bedroom which has a chair rail. Please excuse the mess, we're in the middle of construction.

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The decorator at my local BM store says paint above and below the chair rail the same color, or a very subtle difference. She says you can also opt to paint below the chair rail in the same color as the trim in the room for a fresh, updated chair-rail look. In her opinion, different colors above and below are "out", although the above picture is quite attractive, IMO. Another matter of personal preference I think.

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I'm planning to do a chair rail in my guest room with the panels like nashvillegirl did. The upper part will be berry red and the lower part a soft cream. I think it is a very classic elegant look. Nashville girl, your room is lovely

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I'll most probably have chair rail and some form of wainscoting in most of my rooms of my new house. We have it in our den and bath now. Sorry, can't post photo's. We haven't recovered our house since Katrina and it's nothing to be showing off believe me!!

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