lg 5101 fabric dispenser not emptying

nancyb_2007July 6, 2011

The fabric dispenser on my top loader isn't dispensing any more. I took it out and rinsed it out. I know it's working because I ran water from my faucet and the softener runs out with the water.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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You are pressing the Fabric softner button on the console, aren't you?

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Yes, I've definitely pressed the switch. I cleaned the tray out thoroughly last night and had water go through it. I just finished a wash and there is some water (not just a few drops) with some fabric softener floating around. I watched the rinse cycle. Water is definitely going through the dispenser, but I'm wondering whether the force of it is not strong enough. I've had the washer about five or six months and I'm sure there was no residue before.

Question: 1. Could it be that my fabric softener has thickened up? (It's not an old bottle and was fine before.)

  1. Should I call LG about this?
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