Miele w4840 and detergent dispensing

coruscateJuly 13, 2011

My w4840 has started dispensing both the pre-wash (heavy soli) detergent and the main wash detergent at the same time (both in the pre-wash). I am wondering whether I unintentionally changed something in programming mode which created this situation. I have a vague recollection that this functionality might be desirable if one has hard water, but in looking through the programming mode, I can't find any option for "hard water" that I might have accidentally switched on.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to stop both dispensers from releasing detergent at once? I have just started an extra white cycle with heavy soil, extended, and sensitive selected, and it is definitely releasing all detergent in the pre wash.

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@ coruscate

This is not normal behavior and should not be happening. I've customized certain settings using the programming menu, but I am not experiencing the issue you describe. Are you putting liquid detergent in the main compartment? Is it possible that this detergent is simply leaking out? Miele recommends using powdered detergents when using heavy soil/pre-wash because liquid detergents may leak out of the main wash dispenser before the pre-wash is completed.

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@sshrivastava, is that info in the manual re: powder and prewash. I don't think mine says that. I've used liquid and powder with prewash and never had an issue.

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I don't know if it's in the manual, but I know I read that somewhere. I'm running out of brain cells, sorry.

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I am only using powdered detergents, so it's not a leaking issue. Is there some type of setting for hard water that I might of activated? I certainly cannot find it now if there is. Or do you think there might be certain types of cycles where this is a "feature?"

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@ coruscate

Larsi, another member of this forum, thought he had the same problem, but then realized he was mistaken. You are saying that immediately upon filling for the pre-wash, as you are standing in front of the machine, you can verify immediately after starting the cycle that detergent from the main compartment is being dispensed? There is no setting except Maximum Water Levels that is designed for soft water conditions, and most of us here have that turned on and do not experience what you are describing.

Only the pre-wash/heavy soil compartment dispenses if Heavy Soil/pre-wash is selected. The pre-wash lasts about 10 minutes, the water drains (no spin) and then fills again for the main wash from the main detergent compartment. Either you are mistaken or you need to have your machine serviced.

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Well, I will check again, but I what I noticed is that when the LED screen was reading "pre-wash", I opened the dispensing drawer and both dispenser slots were empty. I can certainly check again, though.

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