Non HE Washing Machine

teddy111July 15, 2013

Does anyone know of a quality NON HE washing machine?
I have had my Whirlpool Cabrio since Nov. 2011.
Tonight was the last time I will ever use this miserable machine.
I am so sick of its putting holes in my clothes. Tonight yet another sheet ruined by this Machine.

I know of at least 5 women who have HE machines and without
fail HATE them. Additionally while you may save on water, the machine runs for practically an hour. So we've switched from
water usage to electric usage.

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So we've switched from
water usage to electric usage

Not so. HE washers move much much less water which requires much much less electricity to move. It uses smaller motors pulling less watts.

Even though it cleans for a much longer amount of time it actually uses less electricity.

But I agree Whirlpool Cabrio sucks.

Not all HE are Cabrios.

In order for an HE system to work properly the drum needs to be horizontal. So as the clothes tumble they all get soaked and agitate against each other properly. The Europeans have known this for over 50 years.

But if you want a good non HE machine look at the Speed Queen threads in this forum.

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As the previous poster said, Speed Queen makes a good non HE top loader. Another option would be to look through used appliance stores or keep an eye out for one in the paper. I have seen lots of used but in like new shape non HE washers for sale. I had a like new set that I regretfully gave to my parents because my husband thought a front loader looked cool. I hate that washer with every fiber of my being, for lots of reasons. He built a counter top above our set, so now I am forever stuck with a front loader. I know there are tons of people that love them, and it really is just personal preference. Every time I use my washer I mourn my old water hog top load set.

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As deeageaux said: the amount of energy (= money) needed to heat gallons and gallons of hot water to fill a traditional top loader is much greater than the amount of energy it takes to run a water-efficient HE top loader for hours. Dishwashers are the same.

Ditto on the recommendation to look at Speed Queen.


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Thanks for the input. I am less concerned about the money issue
than the resource usage. But mostly I needed a washing a machine that fit into the space allotted in my 1977 home and preferably one that actually cleaned the clothing WITHOUT shredding them. My Cabrio does not clean well but it does shred.

I'll look into the Speed Queen

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I am less concerned about the money issue
than the resource usage.

That is true for virtually every buyer of an HE washer.

People living paycheck to paycheck, those where a few buck really matter, don't buy HE washers.

Middle Class cheapskates probably don't want to a pay a premium for HE either.

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You gotta love wholly unsupported sweeping generalizations and elitism in a laundry forum, of all places.

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Well deeageaux, I already put out the money for and HE and any person who wants the blessed thing can have it free of charge. But I don't think a person living pay check to pay check can afford to have this monster shred their clothes. So maybe you know a Middle Class cheapskate to whom I can give it.

Really I live in a semi arid part of the country and was trying to be responsible but this machine just didn't work out and It was the only HE that fit in the constrains of my laundry area. All I'm asking for is a machine that actually cleans clothing without shredding them.

I didn't expect a diatribe concerning my motivation or social standing. What a treat.

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