Planning to purchase Miele W4842/T9822 shortly

thetalentJuly 14, 2011

Just joined forum so first time poster. In surfing thru other posts I get the impression that Miele washer/dryers have a 10-year warranty.

But in reading thru their site and manuals, I can only find reference to a one-year warranty.

Reason for question is even though interested in these units because reliability reputation, do I need to consider the 5-year extended warranty.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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I believe only Miele Canada offers a 10 year warranty (although someone from US will have to confirm).

They say these machines are tested to last at least 20 years (I sure hope so) but I received the 10 year warranty free as part of a promotion here in Canada (warranty would have cost just over $1,000 for both machines).

Needless to say, the free 10 year peace of mind was what I needed to commit.

I can say they have been very good machines so far (owned them since Feb of this year).

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Have you considered the T9802 Electric Dryer? While the T9822 is much better than Miele's first gas offering, the T9802...the electric version does more reverse tumbling. I also find the electric version is quieter and clothes are not scorched and over dried, as in the gas version.

Still, I would rather have a Miele gas dryer, over an American or Korean offering. But, I love my T9802 Electric dryer. Remember, ALL residential dryers in Europe are electic, and it is mainly the western part of the USA (Calif. predominantly use gas).

The W4842 is just an AWESOME machine!!!

For $250, you can extend the warranty for 5 years....and this is directly thru Miele! A great deal, IMO!

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Miele warranty is 1 year in the US. That will extend to 2 years if you use a Miele authorized installer. Anything beyond that will require purchase of an extended warranty.

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@larsi, why do you assume the gas dryer scorches and over dries? I own it and nothing is every over dried. In fact often there is a little residual moisture (which I like as I know I'm not ruining my fabrics).

While there are a few limitations with gas (ie. less reverse tumbling - which I've never noticed is a problem) there are benefits to gas over electric (ie. instant heat, moist heat).

It may be shocking ... but you're not always right :o

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@livebetter @larsi @sshrivastava I appreciate your warranty comments and may extend. Currently investigating Miele preferred service installation since their factory tech won't be available until July 26th. I do plan to ask them to adjust some of the factory settings as suggested by others on this forum.

Will wait a few months to see how units perform before adding extended warranty.

@larsi my setup allows me to connect either electric or gas and live in SE US so electric not too expensive. Currently using an electric LG although used gas dryer many years ago while living in NE US. My perception is that gas will get my large bath sheets dryer, quicker which should save time for housekeepers. Also, planning to use with the Miele rotary iron for other items.

We'll see if noise and other issues mentioned on forum will be a problem for me. Hopefully this will be my last such purchase since in past 10 years I've been thru two units (Maytag and LG) and hopefully Miele will last 20 years or more which is greater than my life expectancy.

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What does it typically cost to have a Miele authorized installer? Isn't it a better deal to install the machine yourself and then opt for the 250 warranty?


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I believe my Miele authorized delivery/installation charge was around $200. Even if it costs the same as the extended warranty, why not get a Miele authorized installation? If you're inclined to pay for an extended warranty anyway, why not get an expert installation in the process?

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live better

What is the advantage of moist heat in a a gas dryer over electric? I've heard of this before and recall my families Kenmore dryer in the early 70s touting "soft heat" on the control panel. Not sure if soft heat is the same as moist heat but I would be interested in the answer for my personal

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@cyberspacer, there are plenty of sources on the net for this info but here is just one. Good friends of ours are custom home builders and will only use gas dryers - they've been telling me this for years.

I searched for; gas dryer moist heat.

"Your natural gas dryer offers faster drying than conventional electric units because a greater volume of dry, absorbent air passes through the clothes. A natural gas dryer heats up instantly to full temperature with clean, moist heat that actually reduces wrinkles and static. Gentle, moist heat means less need for fabric softeners. Best of all, natural gas dryers operate at about half the cost of electric dryers." (that last statement would depend on where you live - where I live in Canada this is true)

I can tell you since I switched to gas about 10 years ago I almost never have static in my laundry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural Gas Dryers

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I have the T9822 electric dryer and I can say that the residual moisture left in clothing is absolutely wonderful. Not only do my clothes dry without static, but the little bit of moisture allows your fabrics to fold better, reduces wrinkles, and keeps your clothes soft. I regularly use the "Gentle" option, which increases the amount of time it takes for the heating element to reach full power and is gentler on clothing.

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