Dryer venting problem...4 inch to 3 inch?

snewsieJuly 8, 2013

Second floor condo. Purchased the unit with a small one piece washer/dryer (1.5 cu feet). I have just purchased full size Samsung stackable units with a 4 inch vent without even considering the difference! OUCH! We removed the old 3 inch accordion venting which is in the wall and then goes straight up to attic and then thru roof and replaced part of it with new 3 inch duct. The first problem we encountered is the dryer vent and wall vent are offset making the "fix" from the dryer to the wall vent look like an unsafe jumbled up mess of flexible duct and a reducer. This mess not only looks unsafe, it places the machines very far out from the wall! We found a periscope vent to possibly help with that issue. HOWEVER...after reading forums, I'm wondering if its even safe to run a full size dryer on 3 inch ductwork? It's only a weekend lake home, so I'm not using it daily, but need it to be safe. My other question is...is it possible that the walls will not accommodate a new 4 inch pipe? My husband says no. ----
A desperate wife wanting full size washer/dryer

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That sharp S-curve caused by the offset is putting a considerable restriction on airflow. A periscope setup would be an improvement on that point.

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" I'm wondering if its even safe to run a full size dryer on 3 inch ductwork?"

I have never seen 3" venting for a dryer, but that doesn't mean anything. Seems like it would restrict the air flow, thus taking longer to dry the laundry, just like a 4" one full of lint would. Since it is a vacation home, it might not make much difference.

I agree with @dadoes about that S-curve, too.

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Thank you! We ordered the periscope as we refused to use it with that crazy S curve. I'm still working on the other issues but I appreciate your feedback!

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I had a long 25 ft. 4 inch duct on our dryer and had a lot of problems with it plugging up with lint. I took it out and used 6 inch furnace duct for most of the span with adapters from 4 inch to 6 inch at both ends.

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By area of a 3 inch vent is 44% smaller than a 4 inch vent.

This means that using a 3 inch vent allows only slightly more than half the amount of recommended airflow required by your dryer.

This will damage your dryer and void your warranty.

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