Pellet Stove Noise Concerns

litchick74October 10, 2010

We are thinking of purchasing the NPS45 Napoleon Pellet Stove for our new home to go in our open area living space. Does anyone have this pellet stove, and, if so, what do you think of it? I am specifically interested in your opinion of the noise it makes. Thanks.

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Pellet stoves tend to be noisy but some are a lot noisier than others. I have not heard anything on the Napoleon's noise level other than it is a good stove. Quadrafire has the MT Vernon AE that is designed with all DC motors and very few moving parts. If you really want quiet you might take some time and find one you can see and hear running. I saw one at the local stove shop and I have to admit.. it is a lot quieter compared to my Castille which isn't near as noisey as some. I would guess the Napoleon would be about at noisy as my Castile which is noticeable but not obnoxious.

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I will also add that hearthdotcom has a really informative pellet forum with a lot of useful information. Do not forget the fireplace forum here also.

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Thanks so much.

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For the most part, they are pretty quiet. You might hear the fan blowing. Sometimes you might hear a faint whirring noise from the auger motors. Over time, the augers can get a bit noisy from pellet dust and ash that might blow onto the end of the augers. On some units, the auger motors are merely held in place by large zip ties, similar to the plastic handcuffs police use. These may stretch a little during the first year sometimes causing a slight "thunking sound". Just pulling the ties tighter if the noise is heard should stop the "thunk". The motors are pretty much the same motor you might find on a rotisserie or grill spit. If they are a bit loose, they'll transmit some sound. This is usually after the first year. Periodically making sure pellet dust is cleaned from each end of the auger where it fits into the race and a little bit of graphite dust, even from just running a soft lead pencil around it once or twice should stop any squeaking sound it might make. The graphite is unaffected by heat and lasts a long time where oil or grease thins out and dissipates faster.

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