Liquid Calgon + powder detergent... and can we add Cascade C?

houserookieJuly 31, 2010

I can't find Calgon in powder form. Only liquid. Can I still use it with powder detergents?

What if I use it in the bleach compartment?

Or can I make a paste with the detergent?

Has anybody tried to mix laundry detergent (powder), Calgon (liquid) and Cascade complete (powder)?

Am I that crazy, or is this possible?

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It can be done, what brand washer you are using?
I have and Elux- Wave Touch and I use Tide He with Clorox 2 in the main wash cycle.
I build a dam with the Tide and pour the Clorox 2 behind it. Not hard to do and no caking occurs.

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I have a Samsumg FL w/ Silver Care and Steam. I was wondering if I should mix the cascade with the detergent, and then make a dam, like you suggested.

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So you are using cascade in place of LCB?
You do not have to mix, just use 2 TBS cascade and the proper level of detergent for the load that you are washing. I don't think you need to soften the water with Calgon. Most He detergent does a fine job getting clothes clean since very little water is used and the detergent is very concentrated. Experiment until you know what is right for your laundry. If you do use Calgon, just keep an eye if suds start to froth up, then reduce amounts or discontinue usage.

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cleanteamofny - I'm on a quest to get my whites, well... white. Right now they are gray. Also, I've had the mystery oil stains in medium colored items.

I think I was using too little detergent for the type of water I have.

My thought was to get the Calgon working on the water to help the detergent along, and to get Cascade to help with stains and get the whites white.

The problem is that my detergent and the cascade are powder, and Calgon is liquid.

I will run a load of whites on Tuesday, and see what happens. I'll definitely watch the amount of Calgon I'll use, to avoid too much suds.

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OK, I see your plight!
Clorox 2 is excellent for removing most stains and boosting the power of your detergent.
On your samsung, do you have a sanitize cycle?
Does it Pre-wash before the main wash?
In most cases it should go into the main wash/no pre wash when using this cycle.
Extend this cycle to the max with an extra rinse.
Use your Tide He along with Clorox 2 to start the whitening process using the sanitize cycle. You may use LCB since it will be in the first rinse.
It Will take up to 3 wash cycles to see improvement.
Also if you can get your hands on STPP this will also help getting your whites to where they suppose to be.
2 Tbs. of this stuff with your detergent will make a big difference how detergents suppose to work.
Give it a try!

The secret for using Clorox 2.
Test garment for color fast to start.
Pour on stains and rub in gently then pour a little more and roll garment into a ball so Clorox 2 will not dry out and wait 15-30 minutes then wash as normal.

Good luck and keep us posted how you doing in this thread.


Here is a link that might be useful: STPP can be found at the Chemistry

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Thank you Larry for all your tips! I don't have all the "ingredients" you suggested, but when I do, I'll let you all know the results I get.

I plan to run a series of tests. There must be a simple way to revert my grays back to whites.

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When I use liquid Calgon, I put it directly into the washer tub, then load the clothes. No worries about mixing the liquid with my powder detergent that way.

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