I screwed up - kitchen floor and cabinets clash - island

elphaba_gwJanuary 13, 2014

Mix of kitchen floor, island countertop, lower wood cabinets too busy? Tone mismatch between floor and cabinets I think. Not sure best option for me right now.

kitchen remodel is slowly in progress. I have no GC so I have luxury of dragging this remodel out which seems to be my style. Oh well. I'm not DIY but I currently have some good workers to call on. This mismatch is my biggest mistake so far. Guess I may be lucky that it has taken this long but I'm definitely not happy.

Right now I'm stuck on what kind of countertop for the island. I had originally thought of butcher block with Waterlox finish. But now that the wood plank porcelain oak floor tile is installed and I can see how the floor herringbone striations don't blend with the lower cabinets (kitchen is two toned with upper as white and gray/beige Sofieunder Ikea cabs below). I'm worried striations from butcher block will add another element of busy-ness which will put it over the top.

I know that this isn't really enough info but in case anyone has had results that they regret mixing butcher block with other elements in kitchen that have wood striations, I would like to hear their opinions (or anyones).

I had planned on pale gray Silestone (almost solid except for tinydots).

I'm thinking of going on the safe side right now with the pale gray Silestone peripheral countertop as well as Island countertop. But I hate that there will be so much of the same countertop. I don't like "matchy matchy".

Had hoped we could have the butcher block counter on island to "warm" things up a bit given the modern Ikea. Thoughts/opinions? What kind of countertop would you put in? Options:
1. butcherblock - maple for island and pale gray for peripheral countertops
2. quartz Silestone - pale gray for both island and for peripheral countertops
3. quartz Silestone - white for both island and for peripherals
4. dark gray for island countertop, pale gray for peripheral countertop
5. Maybe driftwood stain on island butcherblock with pale gray peripheral counters (but I don't really think this is an option).
6. other

Here is floor plan

Here is picture of Ikea Sofieunder in two tone similar to what ours will have - wish I had this floor.

And here is large segment before skeleton of island or window or drywall installed.

p.s. And in case anyone is wondering, I took a sample of the Sofieunder cabinet with me when I shopped for the floor tiles. Looked good then. That is one reason I think the real problem is the busy herringbone pattern and not the difference in color tone between floor and lower cabinets. or it could be just too many striations or it could be colors don't blend. Thoughts??

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I love the floor tiles. Not seeing the cabinets and flooring together makes it difficult to imagine what the problem might be, but I would think perhaps it is the diagonal lines on the floor together with the texture of the bottom cupboards. I don't think I would go with more wood though for the island counter. I can't advise on the quartz colours, but definitely I would go for something with very little pattern or variation.

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robo (z6a)

Can you get a photo of a sofielund door next to your floor? Your floor is very pretty by the way! The sofielund is so pretty, it has that driftwood greige color. Second question, are your cabinets all bought already?

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Floors are yellow. Cabs are pink. (Undertones.)Change the cab fronts. One of their black brown colors.

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Seems to me there might be a problem with both color and pattern. The colors mix cool and warm (judging from the pictures). The patterns are too much for me. Perhaps if the color tones matched it would be fine. I am not sure that a neutral, plain counter of any color would rescue it. Hopefully someone who can do a mock -up photo will chime in, then we can see the total effect of counters.

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I think too many different pattern. I agree with lwo change to their black/brown colors then go with the butcher block.

Since it is just the fronts and not the whole cabinets you should be able to make the exchange assuming you haven't installed it already.

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I know it looks horrible. I do cringe when I see these picturs so I'm sure everyone else does too. The only possible saving grace is that because of the island and the aisles, the floor is a tiny bit hidden by cabinets. Sad thing is that I LOVE the floor and I LOVE the cabinets (which are all installed). Classic NEWBIE problem, right?

#1 Logical thing would be for me to replace cabinet doors but I'm fighting that.

#2Next would be for me to somehow have the floor painted.

#3 would be to ignore and keep on trucking with very minimal countertop on the island.

We need to put this post somewhere for people to see who are their own GC and own Kitchen Designer. (But even given the predicament I'm in right now, don't think I would change those decisions. Gosh, I'm more stubborn than I thought.)

FYI - cabinets all installed, no dishwasher installed yet, still some final plumbing needs a little work, not much, and no countertops yet. Some lighting still remains.

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Well I'm calming down a bit and think that maybe I can do the "replace cabinet doors" thing. Here's some Ikea black cabinets that would work, I think. Do you agree?

If I went with this color, would you recommend butcher block on the island or would that still be too busy with the floor?

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If it were me, I'd change either the counters or the floor. But I definitely wouldn't add yet another wood in the countertop.

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Sophie Wheeler

Do the darker cabinets that you show, and then do the dyed butcherblock so that it's dark like those cabinets. The floors are a really strong color and pattern, and everything else has to be a lot quieter, and you've got to limit the colors and patterns or it'll be overload.

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sas95 - I assume you mean change either "cabinets or the floor" rather than "counters or the floor"?

Besides the black cabinets I could possibly go with this one:

(Obviously need to make sure it blends with the floor). I like the black better than this but right now, I'm starting to feel much more "conservative" in making choices and this would be the most conservative. Though I wonder if it would clash with the Ikea abstract upper white cabinets?

I'm starting to think that color/tone of the tiles have changed over time - maybe because of a seal or wash or something? The first picture above taken several weeks before the herringbone fully installed is a lot more muted without the orange tone so much. Wonder if there is something that could "mute it back" to how it looks in the first picture?

Yet, this could also be a result of more lights. A large window was installed since the floor tile and cabinets were purchased.

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What about doing all white cabinets everywhere, then you can do the butcher block still?

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Yes, elphaba, I meant the cabinets or the floor.

From what I see on my monitor I'd prefer the dark cabinets. The mid-toned ones you just posted are too close, and you will likely end up with either a monotone looking kitchen or another clash.

The difference in color could well have to do with the light in your kitchen. The tile we installed in our master bath looked nothing like it did in the showroom, and presented an unpleasant surprise when installed that I had to work around. It was definitely the light in our bathroom, because when I took the tile to other parts of our house it looked totally different.

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I can't tell what the floor composition is - is there no choice of re-staining the floors? (We have cabinets that are remarkably similar to yours, but our floors are closer to the color of the floors in the first picture - a coffee brown - and we're going with ceasarstone Organic White for all counters).

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My brain is moving fast and I now think the black would be fine. One of my design iterations a while back was black cabinets and white countertops and uppers.

Hollyspring - Not sure about a "dyed butcher block top" that would match the dark cabinets. Would you think that would be better than white silestone?

I'm currently thinking solid white silestone countertops everywhere on the island and peripherals. The pantry cabinets and other upper cabinets are already white. That would leave the floor as the "star of the show".

I just need to move fast before Ikea eliminates the black cabinets as a choice. That is the biggest drawback with them, they change way too often so you better buy enough cause you can't go back later (usually).

I'm starting to feel some relief. Thanks everyone for veryifying my instincts that this is pretty bad. I'm going to need some support when I tell my husband we need to buy more cabinets, LOL. But actually, the list isn't that long of cabinet doors and drawer panels that I need to replace.
- 15 drawer panels and 4 cabinet doors. (plus or minus) Seems like just the drawer panels and doors need to be removed and replaced. Not great but I think it is doable. (oh and I guess I shouldn't forget toekicks..)

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The black fronts would look really nice. New fronts seem like a big "aaargh" but is the simplest way to guarantee a good result without further muddling. I wouldn't even consider a different wood tone like that last one you posted, nor should you add butcher block into the equation.

Your floors are so unique and gorgeous--please don't paint them!! The bleached grayish cabinets are currently trendy, but hard to match if you have warmer woods elsewhere. (Restoration Hardware is bleaching their way to oblivion....)

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robo (z6a)

I think the Gnosjo cabs would be a great way to keep what you liked about the Sofielund while looking better with your floor. I also think they would like nicer than the adel MB with your abstrakt uppers (although I have seen those combined nicely as well).

I love looking at the IKEA fronts all together. Wish I could have one of each

Personally I think white or speckled white counters would look super nice with the black-brown lowers and white uppers.

This post was edited by robotropolis on Mon, Jan 13, 14 at 18:13

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robo (z6a)

With lighter floors -- but a similar idea

Contemporary Kitchen by Sunnyvale Architects & Designers Jon+Aud Design

With darker floors, but I think I'd prefer a quieter counter with your floors (and no speckled toekick)

from Ikeainsallations.com

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Thank you robotropolis! The picture with the black lower cabinets and white countertop and white upper cabs you posted is a great inspiration picture for me. (I agree about no speckled toekicks or countertop). Some form of muted white (or total white) countertops everywhere.

I didn't originally want it that modern (because the rest of our house is not so modern) but that is definitely the best way to save this disaster waiting to happen, i.e. a situation where everytime I would walk into my newly remodeled kitchen, I cringe because it "doesn't work". I'll just have to add more modern touches to the rest of the house. Could be fun.

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robo (z6a)

Here's one with a dark counter--maybe even dark BB?

Contemporary Kitchen by Toronto Architects & Designers Affecting Spaces

And another -- looks like custom cherry cabs with abstrakt fronts maybe. I think the dark countertop does make it look less modern.

Contemporary Kitchen by Louisville Architects & Designers Rock Paper Hammer

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What about the Rockhammar fronts? or would those be too traditional with the uppers? I think that the color of them can make the transition, though. Be careful with the black Gnosjo, seems it has the background grayness that is still too cool? I hope that you are near enough to an Ikea to pick up pieces to trial.

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I like brown Adel ones, i think they will look very nice and calm with your floors, would be that transitional look, not too traditional and not too modern

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"I'm starting to think that color/tone of the tiles have changed over time - maybe because of a seal or wash or something? The first picture above taken several weeks before the herringbone fully installed is a lot more muted without the orange tone so much. Wonder if there is something that could "mute it back" to how it looks in the first picture?

Yet, this could also be a result of more lights. A large window was installed since the floor tile and cabinets were purchased. "

Yes, the difference that you see is because of the lighting. When I was looking at the pictures earlier, would venture that your first photo was taken with lighting from inside, likely a warm white incandescent (or it could be another type of bulb that is made to "read" as a warm white incandescent.) Your second photo shows as more of a natural light or possibly with flash...regardless, the light is coming more from the front in the second photo than in the first and the direction of where light hits will change coloration as well.

Anyway, I think that the dark IKEA cabinet fronts are a great idea. I think they will work well with the flooring since it's not very likely that you'll want to change that.

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Ramsjo is another black option that has no wood grain to compete with the floor pattern. Get some samples & take them home so you can see them with your floors & lighting (both day & night lighting).

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Romy - I think you may have nailed it. Though I like the Gnosjo better, it has some striations. The Ramsjo would be very "clean". Plus with the "shaker style" trim, it moves it a tiny bit closer to a more traditional look IMO. Another option is the dark gray Abstrakt but I'm not liking it that much. Samples will resolve this soon.

I plan to get samples definitely this week. Luckily Ikea is very close, about 45 minutes away. Other than the hit on the budget, I'm feeling so much better.

One thing about being your own GC, someone said on this forum that it has the advantage of allowing you to go slow to live with your design (if you want) at each step so if you do screw up, you have an option to backup a step. Guess that definitely applies here. I did try to live with the floor/cabinet mis-match but just couldn't do it. Wish I could have come out of denial while they were being installed initially but better later than never.

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What are your uppers? The white glossy Abstrakt? If yes, I'd go with the Gnosjo.
I also really like the very dark Romsjo because they are wood; helas, they have the Shaker frame, which may look strange with the flat front Abstrakt.

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