Goodman mini split overshoots set temp

bpricedoOctober 26, 2012

I have a bonus room over the garage that I had mini split installed to heat and cool the space. Since install, if it is in cool mode it will over cool the space so I have to set the thermostat to 78-80F to make it bearable (not too cold). However I lived with it over the summer. Now that it is winter, I have the thing turned down as low as it will go (62F) and it is unbearably hot in the room.

I know the thermostat is in the remote but no matter where I place it the result is the same. I have put new batteries in the remote as well with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?

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Check the installation manual for programming modes. My mini-spit has options to overshoot or undershoot the programmed temperature. In addition I have to program it to listen to the remote or the temp. sensor on the unit. Your installer may have programmed your unit wrong. If you can't solve it, call up or e-mail the manufacturer directly and ask them what could be the problem.

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It appears I forgot I had asked this question here so I am just now coming back to it. Anyway, nothing in the manual about programming. I have called Goodman and they will not provide any tech support or troubleshooting to a homeowner. My installer who admitted he does not have much experience with the mini splits, says Goodman told him the circuit board is bad and the entire unit must be replaced which seems ludicrous.

Any other ideas?

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