amtrucker22October 18, 2012

Has anyone looked into using a VRF heating and A/C system in a new residential build? I had a project manager mention it to me today at work and was curious to see if these systems are a reasonable solution for homes.

Dug around a little bit and I don't seem to find too much information on these systems which kinda scares me.

Thanks for your help!

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If you can go the mini split route, try Daikin mini splits or commercial versions of Mitsubishi and maybe other mini splits.

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I will dig around on the Daikin mini splits. The ones that the project manager used were Mitsubishi's.

Are these systems starting to become popular in residential builds?

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It depends on your area. Where we are building is known for its "green" building practices and they seem a much more common option than where I live now. I think someone would look at me cross-eyed if I suggested a split system where we are now.

There's no doubt in my mind that they are more efficient than your average furnace/ducted system and they are extremely popular in europe and asia (hence most the foreign manufacturers). USA residential market has been slow to catch on but I think they will eventually. I wouldn't consider them if there wasn't a plethora of contractors in the area where we are building, for maintenance and repair reasons.

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I was told that Daikin tends to be more expensive than other residential systems. I think that is because it is more comparable with the commercial lines from others. With the higher end stuff, you can make hot water. That is true with conventional ducted systems as well, but try to find someone that can implement it.

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